Shotgun Polly

Yarp, a parrot inspired ganger, what else to call her?

So i’ve decided to add some ardcoat to their armour. I like the shine! The doom of humankind: we like shiny things!

Tried some freehand tiger skin! Turned out better than I’d thought!

Got my milliput today so…

Set a escher body. If this turns out ok, I’ll try to make some juves.! I fucking love this store! They gave me this packmule freebie and two dice! There is always a handwritten message on the invoice which is a really sweet gesture!

My hobby game shall improve!

These will make some great hive scum/bounty hunters!

A brain on a feckin’ jar!!

And a croc-man! Ghost archipelago or maybe even necromunda if they are introducing pet crocs according to rumour!


Cycle 3

Finished the second game of cycle 2 and forst scenario of cycle 3 yesterday! Notice the new battlemat my opponent bought! He had to pay an arm and a leg for it due to added customs, but hey, at least we have a gorgeous playing field!

The pic above is from an ambush scenario. The Goliath got the drop on my Escher and tried to take them out. Two of mine went ooa, but the rest managed to flee the board with their superior movement rate. Only one shot was fired from my gang this game and it was over in less than 20 minutes. This gave us the opportunity to start the next game: turf war!

The baller manages to gun down the Goliath leader just before he could defile the relic. Sadly he got up next turn with two fleshwounds and as my group had bottled, the baller fled- leaving the goliath to rub his privates all over the sacred relic! Luckily, my group also managed to defile the Goliath relic too so none of us got the reputation boost! Now it came down to last man standing…

This stub cannon goliath had a good sniping position!

The goliath guarding the relic is taken down by my shotgun user, opening for a rush towards it.

This game took a long time and was very intense!

Technically, I won this with one remaining champion on the board with some luck on the cool rolls. All the others fled or were taken out. I did not get much out of it though as the Goliath gang only has one turf which is minimum and I can’t take it from them. At the moment I am unsure how to actually gain more turf when we are only two players.We also just figured out that one can work the territory for d6x10 per leader/champ in addition to “collecting income” after the first game in each cycle so thats a big deal. We thought we’d never manage to buy stuff at this rate. As I’ve mentioned, the rule book/s are horrible to look up- its all over the place! One has to rely on a mutual understanding and memory.  Despite that, we are enjoying it immensely. The Igougo is the best change to the old version.


Ganger number seven, the baller.

A retired underhive league blood bowl quarterback has joined the gang due to multiple injuries. Surely, the gang life must be less strenuous…?

The cocky pose has made this the most characterful member yet. I subconsciously think that she is invincible and just send her into the fray.

She still keeps some memorabilia from her baller days. Don’t have a name for her yet, but she is noted as number 7 on my roster sheet so…

The gang so far. I will order some milliput tomorrow and test out some body sculpts with bluestuff mold. If that works out, it will be a game changer!

Cycle 2

Plasma pistol and laspistol blazing, the escher ganger advances on the goliath…

We have officially entered the second cycle of our campaign. Yesterday we played the second and last game of cycle 1- another stand off scenario and then we continued on to the first game of cycle two. I won the stand off scenario and am now ahead in terms of credits, turf and reputation, but a ganger died on me.

The first c2 game we chose the looters scenario. It was a mayhem to say the least. In the end only a single fighter was left on the board- a goliath champion with a grenade launcher! Both gangs bottled and three of my gangers went into recovery, one of them with a head injury. I only got one of the crates out resulting in a devastating reduction of ten credits for my opponent (He only had 20c). The gangs are gradually taking on more personality!

My autogun ganger has been very effective.

RIP lasgun-stilettoknife ganger!


I’m on a roll!

Another day, another escher…

One more completed! Decided on a camo pattern on her, not that escher is known to try to hide themselves-its fashion! So…you might not be able to see anything on these pics due to the camo but here we go:

And I made some small gouges from coffee stirrers!

Cycle 1

Old and new! Aww yiss!

Relatert bilde

Finally got to play Necromunda:Underhive:Gang war yesterday!

After a couple of Underhive test games in the tunnels we found out that we should probably just get on with the campaign. Gang war gives some guidelines how to play a campaign. The campaign system in gang war is split into cycles and culminates in a big showdown after a certain number of cycles. We decided to play 6 cycles with 2 games per cycle. I like to have this time frame on it so there is a sense of goal in the distance. Back in the days the games just went on and on until we got tired of the gang and wanted to start a new one.

It was a good, “educational”, but mentally tiring game as most first games are. My opponent decided to bottle out so technically I won, but we took out an equal amount of gangers each. The game feels new. The IgoUgo is a welcome change to the old and we enjoyed it very much despite a ton of rules checking. And this is the weakest part of Necromunda 2017; the rulebooks. I can appreciate complex rules, it can even feel like a game itself trying to figure out what is correct and not. GW specialist games are traditionally like that in my experience and its a fun pasttime visiting the forums and picking brains. I expected no less from N17…..but for fucks sake…they could have done better this time! The gang war supplement complicates things to say the least. At one point I had to “go to page xx” five times to figure out something and we just had to laugh. Hopefully this will go smoother when we have memorized all the basic rules.

Gang war has true LOS as the old NM. Underhive had some base viewable percentage kind of LOS guidelines which seemed to simplify true LOS, but when playing the 3D rules this does not apply as well. That means we still get situations like this: “Are you sure thats partial cover?” “Yes, I can see that goliaths dick and torso so that has to qualify as partial!”

There is more to rant about, but I’ll leave it at that. We love the universe and will go all into this. As long as it is a fun experience, the other things don’t matter much. The good points will come to the surface once we have learned the game, I think.

Two of my completed gangers. Champion on the left and ganger on the right.

She ha a power sword, a stiletto sword and a laspistol. Inspired by Zorro.

Very colorful this one. Autopistol, stilletto sword and lots of bubblegum. Inspired by tank girl:) I got some new brushes after painting these so hopefully there will be an extreme increase in quality…

The ladies

Finished gluing up the escher gang today. Tried to keep it varied with the weapons. I dont want to think too much about tactics in this phase. I made one small conversion to one of them. Say hello to Zorra:

I’m thinking of painting her with mostly black clothes to complete the zorro theme. With the twin swords she will be hard to take out in hth.

This is another favourite. Dual pistol is also useful in hth.

I do like swords though. Hope there will be rules for chainswords later on as I have some spares from a space wolf set.

Onwards, 2018!

2018 will be the year of necromunda and ghost archipelago for me. Might also be able to sneak another game in there if time allows it. Lately I’ve been painting a couple of minis for GA and whipped up some scenery as well.

Kitbashed pit fighter. Not sure which soldier type he could be.

A hunter/tracker/seeker type soldier. Mostly from the barbarian set, but added a hand w staff from some old dark elf plastic I had laying around. Also tried my hand on some homemade tuft made from an old brush.

This is a platform scaffold. Not sure how it will work yet:)

A bonus pic from outside my parents home. We’ll be having a white new years eve this year.

Hope you will have a nice eve and a happy new year to you all:)

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