A new hire


-Sooo…what do you make of this, monk?

Sabellicus had for a while felt the need to replace one of his men- the halfling thief. The goblins had reached every location before them. Surely a sign of bad intelligence gathering by the little git. The new hire was claimed to be very knowledgeable in the field of creatures- a walking bestiary of sorts. Now they had arrived first to a forest clearing where a looming tree stood guard over piles of treasure.

– Certainly not of a demonic nature. I believe it to have the traits of a large construct, but not crafted by the hands of an ordinary wizard, mind you. It is very, very old…

The monk spoke in a calm voice, but his eyes betrayed his attempt to hide the excitement he felt.


– I sense ancient wisdom…and intense greed from it. If you do not mind, I would very much like to have a closer look…

– Not at all, the wizard said with a grin, but if you see any treasure…just bring it back here would you…?

Before Sabellicus had even finished his sentence, the monk was taking quick, long strides towards the tree.


Next up is a scenario I put together with the Weirdwood in a central role and a playtest, stay tuned!





I wanted to hire a monk for my warband. Made a small conversion of a barbarian from the official fg sprue I got with the folio nickstarter. I cut the blade off the two handed axe (that hurt because it was a cool axe) and glued gw lizardmen blades to both ends. Gave him a bit of a shaolin/celtic treatment and voila, a shaolin-barbarian monk! He will annihilate those damn goblins!




Low light shots


-Cap! We’ve lost the others…maybe we should double back?

-Shh…you hear something?





Haha, wow. Respect to those who successfully take low light shots! There is a whole science involved with indirect light and low emitting light sources, reflection and so on. At least I could sort of show how the led light looks. It is the flickering type so that gives a pretty cool effect realtime. Also the angle top-down gives the best effect, which is the usual angle for gaming.

Bardy woke the tree!

What Bardy the bard lacks in talent, he makes up for in enthusiasm and persistance. Ever since he found a rusty horn in the ruins of Felstad some months ago, he has been practising for hours, every single day. This has not been popular among his mates in the warband, especially Grom the fat has shown his discontent in the form of heavy handed whacks over Bardys head. Nevertheless, Bardy is commited. He will become a musician- whatever it takes. This particular evening, as he sneaks off into the forest to practise on his horn something terrifying occurs….


*Tooot* * Toooooot*


*Toot* *Tooot* *Creeeeak…*


*Tooot* *Tooo…..* *AOOMMMMMMMMM*


The Weirdwood

kicking it up a notch from my clay trees, I thought I’d try my hands on a bigger project using the same technique: a living, sentient tree aka the weirdwood.

Started out with a cardtube, cut out a face

Cut out the face to attach a plastic visir, then glued back the piece


Made a hole under the base for the led candle.


At this point I started laughing…look at this miserable wretch! I attached straightened paper clips for the branches with hotglue.


“Kill meeeee!”

– No can do, hombre. You have a soul now.


Now comes the fun part, air drying clay! I squeezed it on the bottom half first, used a tool to drag lines into it to simulate the bark. I let it dry over night and then continued with the top part.


I covered the whole thing in pva glue and water mix to add strenght.


Matt black coat.


Brown drybrush, lighter brown highlight, and then lighter brown highlight in parts that stick out a bit.


Voila! Stay tuned for scenic pics and backstory in my next post. I’m also brewing a Frostgrave scenario for it!




Game 2

So in the next game we went into the breeding pit, specifically the scenario “the breeding pit” in the expansion “into the breeding pits”…..  Very simple scenario; every turn a random creature turns up.


Lots of walls and smaller details. We love dungeons!


I forgot to take pictures, but let me tell you the story of Ahab and the bear.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, due to rumours that the goblins had befriended a bear, my wizard proactively hired Bearhunterz inc. Two soldiers that specialize in bearhunting.

In this game, they really got to show what they were good for.


The bear targets my treasure carrying thief. The bearhunters run to the rescue!

Ahab throws the first javelin at the bear causing no damage, then Bog Hellhammer (infantryman) makes first contact by running straight into it. Ahab prepares to follow up, but Bog manages to smash one of its paws. The bear withdraws slightly and tries to flank.

Ahab throws another javelin, causing some damage this time, and then he engages in hand to hand. Bog is now busy with a goblin assassin so Ahab is on his own. Miraculously, Ahab slays the bear and lives to tell the tale! The thief safely manages to escape with the treasure.


Ahab slays the bear!

I had really no expectations to the javelineer vs bear scenario. He is dirt cheap and a poor fighter/shooter while bears are…well, bears. But tactically it really worked out, especially in tandem with another fighter. He can throw the javelin and then get into hth, causing the opponent to use one action to attack him or just to keep it in place. He can keep his distance or cover the retreat of another model. I guess an archer could do the same or even a better job, but that doesn’t fit into my goddamn vision! The best part was that the professor had threatened me with this bear for weeks. The miniature arrived the other day, and he acted as if it would change the whole dynamic of the game. It felt good to prove him wrong (this time at least).

Back to the game: IMG_3453

Fafnir hellhand (upgraded to treasure hunter) engages with an orc knight.

Score Summoner 4, Witch 2.

No major casualties post game. We found some grimoirs, some gold. The witch took the book of the beastcrafter so he has ambitions to go that way now (growing horns and wings and mutating his animals etc.). It suits his goblin style warband well, I think. Sabellicus’ time will come when we get into the forgotten pacts:)


Two in one

Doesn’t happen often, but we managed to kick off two consecutive sessions in one evening! We had plenty of new terrain to introduce to the board.

IMG_3437The professor had made this awesome broken bridge!


A great piece of terrain with lots of character and ancient gravitas.


My buildings and clay trees got playtime in the first scenario.

So the first scenario was a very simple homebaked one. A necromancer living close to a small village had started experiencing on the locals and they are now wandering around looking for brains. But there is also treasure to be had for those brave and greedy enough! 4 zombies start out in the center, then 1 appears for each treasure picked up on a 14+.

Goblins (witch) vs humans (summoner) game 1:


The goblins send out their bear to cover the retreat of a thief grabbing a treasure. The zombies start shuffling towards the bear.


Sabellicus the summoner leaps himself into the abandoned necromancer tower. From up there he has a good vantage point for casting elemental ball.


Captain Kronos momentarily halts and swiftly reloads his pistol as he sees the lumbering bear approaching his colleagues.


Bear kills three zombies and pushes one out of the way.

Summoner blasts both enemy wizard and apprentice to smithereens with elemental ball.

Witch locks infantryman with bones of the earth and blinds javelineer with blinding lights and the thief just barely makes it off the board with the treasure.

Captain Kronos shoots and kills bear.

Score 3-3

Great game!





Air drying clay

I’ve been wanting to try and make some trees for a while. Rather than buying wire I used some redundant paper clips to make the “frame” by twisting and turning and covered it with hotglue to add stability and girth. Then I bought some air-dry clay that I’ve been curious about for a while. I rolled the clay into thin sausages and pressed it to the frame, trying to follow the paperclip. Once I had added suficient clay to cover most of the hot glue, I took a bamboo skewer (only later did I remember that I have a perfectly fine set of GW hobby tools for this exact purpose) and started to drag lines into the clay. I started dragging top- down, but found that dragging from the bottom and upwards was better for this type of clay. I let it dry until the next day. On the package it said it would dry into a “ceramic like finish”. This worried me a bit as ceramic is too fragile for wargaming, at least for my storage method anyway (big box-everything inside). I turned to my trusty pvc glue and mixed it with water to coat the whole thing. This strenghtened it and gave it a plastic-like texture, almost a resin finish. I really enjoy coating stuff with glue…


Paper clips and hotglue


Attaching the “sausages”


…Ok, so it doesn’t look like much now, and I am really not sure how this will turn out when painted. One might say that they resemble dead pine trees perhaps? I will try to take some more scenic pics with the finished building fronts if they turn out ok. Since this pic I have added grovel to the bases and undercoated with black. Learned some about the qualities of air drying clay from this project that might help with future projects…



Bearhunterz inc.

Rumours has it that Shamrock from the goblin warband has befriended a bear on one of his shroom excursions. To deal with this potential threat, Sabellicus has hired the bear hunter team Ahab Bearslayer (Javelineer) and Bog Hellhammer (infantryman or barbarian). They usually work in tandem to take down a bear as Ahab really isn’t much of a fighter, but he is extremely obsessive about bears 24-7. When hired, he loudly declares that he is in it for the hunt – not the money, something which is reflected in his incredibly low hiring fee (25gc). Bog is the more practical of the two, handling their finances and demanding more pay behind Ahab’s back in order to make their company Bearhunterz inc. prosper.




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