Cycle 4 game 1

Since none of our gangs were in recovery we decided to go for another standoff (gang fight). It was a complete carnage that lasted for five hours!

I had gotten a chem thrower for one of my gangers, took out one with it. Love using that template!

My building got playtime! That ganger had an advantageous spot and improved BS, but failed to take out any of my escher beyond pinning.

The baller in her usual no-cover, guns blazing positioning. Got knocked down from there eventually.

Autogunner Abby got fleshwounded early on. Did not have time to take more pictures, but the result was horrible for my opponent. 8 of his crew was taken out of action. Only one of mine- a champion. 4 of his got the serious injury result meaning a champ or leader has to take them to the doc. As he only had one champ left standing it meant three of his just died. I also captured one of his guys meaning the next game will be a desperate rescue mission…

On a side note: we now have gang war 2 supplement. Not surprisingly, it is incoherent and messy. New weapons, but no prices so we can’t actually equip them….what the shit?!

I want to use Joey here as hive scum, he has a heavy flamer (and a bat) but there is no cost for that weapon.



Rioja city!

Ahh, the pleasures of drinking wine from a box and the added bonus of crafting material:

Sturdy carboard on this, and the shape is already there.

I knew I wanted graffitti on it, but what to write? The names of my precious readers of course! A shout out is long overdue!

I hope I got all of you in there, if not give me a heads up! Thanks for reading!


Meet Greyfox, my new champion. A lasgun sniper who try to avoid the usual loud style of the Escher as she does not want to be spotted. With this in mind I went for a white and grey palette.

Some urban camo on her cloth. Ironically, she will probably stand out more than others in the rusty underhive.

I’m really happy with this one as I felt more in control than usual.

I was not originally going to add a champ, but my opponent did so I have to keep up. I also gave a chem thrower to a ganger so thats next for painting.

Cycle 3 game 2

Being on sentry duty is not very fun so the girls decide to get their drink on…

Doo-woppin’ in the underhive…

Little do they know that an unusually stealthy group of ninja goliaths are heading towards their territory to destroy their workshop

While it looks like he’s just hiding, Kruger here is also working on his glutes by intense clenching of buttcheeks…

The battlefield with the workshop in the center.

Useless sentry no 1




And 5

Pretty early on we had this situation where my ganger needed to roll a 2+ to spot- rolled a 1.

The goliath leader approaches with his hammer.


With the hammer and headbutt, the goliath takes his sweet time to demolish my workshop. 2 turns it takes him. My sentries see nothing, hear nothing…

The ninja goliaths start sneaking away…

And this is when my opponent breaks out the schnapps to celebrate.

Only at the very end one of my sentries are able to spot the enemy and fires off a shot. She misses.

The escher leader returns from her shopping to find the smashed workshop. The girls on sentry duty have already put their story together: the Delaque did it!

Casting pt 1

So this is my first attempt at casting an escher mini from milliput using bluestuff. It looks more like a carbon-frozen han solo. The problem here is that I’ve glued all my eschers. First tip: Don’t glue them. The arms and weapons will be in the way.

New tactic: separate casts:

I do not think this will be optimal, but what the hell, its part of the learning!

Parts like these should turn out well i think. Stay tuned for the results!

Shotgun Polly

Yarp, a parrot inspired ganger, what else to call her?

So i’ve decided to add some ardcoat to their armour. I like the shine! The doom of humankind: we like shiny things!

Tried some freehand tiger skin! Turned out better than I’d thought!

Got my milliput today so…

Set a escher body. If this turns out ok, I’ll try to make some juves.! I fucking love this store! They gave me this packmule freebie and two dice! There is always a handwritten message on the invoice which is a really sweet gesture!

My hobby game shall improve!

These will make some great hive scum/bounty hunters!

A brain on a feckin’ jar!!

And a croc-man! Ghost archipelago or maybe even necromunda if they are introducing pet crocs according to rumour!

Cycle 3

Finished the second game of cycle 2 and forst scenario of cycle 3 yesterday! Notice the new battlemat my opponent bought! He had to pay an arm and a leg for it due to added customs, but hey, at least we have a gorgeous playing field!

The pic above is from an ambush scenario. The Goliath got the drop on my Escher and tried to take them out. Two of mine went ooa, but the rest managed to flee the board with their superior movement rate. Only one shot was fired from my gang this game and it was over in less than 20 minutes. This gave us the opportunity to start the next game: turf war!

The baller manages to gun down the Goliath leader just before he could defile the relic. Sadly he got up next turn with two fleshwounds and as my group had bottled, the baller fled- leaving the goliath to rub his privates all over the sacred relic! Luckily, my group also managed to defile the Goliath relic too so none of us got the reputation boost! Now it came down to last man standing…

This stub cannon goliath had a good sniping position!

The goliath guarding the relic is taken down by my shotgun user, opening for a rush towards it.

This game took a long time and was very intense!

Technically, I won this with one remaining champion on the board with some luck on the cool rolls. All the others fled or were taken out. I did not get much out of it though as the Goliath gang only has one turf which is minimum and I can’t take it from them. At the moment I am unsure how to actually gain more turf when we are only two players.We also just figured out that one can work the territory for d6x10 per leader/champ in addition to “collecting income” after the first game in each cycle so thats a big deal. We thought we’d never manage to buy stuff at this rate. As I’ve mentioned, the rule book/s are horrible to look up- its all over the place! One has to rely on a mutual understanding and memory.  Despite that, we are enjoying it immensely. The Igougo is the best change to the old version.


Ganger number seven, the baller.

A retired underhive league blood bowl quarterback has joined the gang due to multiple injuries. Surely, the gang life must be less strenuous…?

The cocky pose has made this the most characterful member yet. I subconsciously think that she is invincible and just send her into the fray.

She still keeps some memorabilia from her baller days. Don’t have a name for her yet, but she is noted as number 7 on my roster sheet so…

The gang so far. I will order some milliput tomorrow and test out some body sculpts with bluestuff mold. If that works out, it will be a game changer!

Cycle 2

Plasma pistol and laspistol blazing, the escher ganger advances on the goliath…

We have officially entered the second cycle of our campaign. Yesterday we played the second and last game of cycle 1- another stand off scenario and then we continued on to the first game of cycle two. I won the stand off scenario and am now ahead in terms of credits, turf and reputation, but a ganger died on me.

The first c2 game we chose the looters scenario. It was a mayhem to say the least. In the end only a single fighter was left on the board- a goliath champion with a grenade launcher! Both gangs bottled and three of my gangers went into recovery, one of them with a head injury. I only got one of the crates out resulting in a devastating reduction of ten credits for my opponent (He only had 20c). The gangs are gradually taking on more personality!

My autogun ganger has been very effective.

RIP lasgun-stilettoknife ganger!

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