Just wanted to show my gaming buddy’s latest addition to his goliath crew for necromunda: Half goliath, half spawn of chaos. Awesome conversion with some spawn bits from a chaos cultist set he bought a while back and a goliath miniature. It is carrying a grenade launcher on the back.

Not related, but did any of you see the info about the Here’s Negan boardgame to be released by Mantic? While I’m not a huge fan of that universe in particular, I think the game mechanics sounds ubercool; a coop game where the players try to impress Negan which is a third party and not a playable character! Sounds quite innovative. It really brings up some ideas that could be incorporated into other coop games such as Rangers of Shadow Deep. Protecting a noble against enemies where the performance is rewarded accordingly for instance, and maybe it could also have a place in pvp games such as necromunda and Frostgrave. In all the coop games I’ve played, treasure, new weapons and xp has been the motivation. I imagine this has the potential of bringing another dimension to that reward system. Out of all the coop games I have followed the past few years, this could the most intriguing in terms of game mechanics. Not sure if I’ll buy this game since we are currently busy with Rosd and will probably get back into necro soon, but I will follow the game with interest!