We had a real good time playing Rosd yesterday! We played it coop style, two rangers with their respective companions. I built my ranger, Elusivus to be a ranged weapon type user and chose my companions to compensate where I believe he is lacking. A knight for tanking and a rogue for sneaking around. My gaming buddy chose a more fighter type character since he wanted to use a specific oldhammer miniature; Korhil captain of the white lions. I’ll put up pictures of his ranger later as he wanted to fresh up the 90s paintjob:)

The whole team. Korhil brought a tracker and a conjuror with him.

We played through mission 1 and one scenario from mission 2.

For the frostgrave players it should be easy to get the rules for combat and activations as it is basically the same.

First scenario was to find some clues in a deserted village. Because of some bad rolls we had a hard time with this one. My rogue was taken out by a giant rat and would carry on a disease to the next scenario. Korhil also attracted a disease and would start the next scenario with less wounds and a -1 penalty to all rolls. We found all clues and both rangers advanced a level.

Next scenario was to check out a spider forest.

My knight got webbed! No, he is not vaping.

This scenario was a breeze. Maybe we were lucky, but we smashed through all cocoons and set fire to all nest trees.

Next up was mission 2. First scenario was to sneak up on a group of gnolls and their sergeant (substituted with orcs).

I have no river so plastic foil was used instead!

We tried to sneak, but it quickly foiled and we went all in front and center. I recommend more terrain! More walls to prevent los.

Fight commences!

My knight cut through orcs like warm knife to butter.

Korhil takes out the archer on the bridge. It worked better for us to just overwhelm them. Both rangers are now level 2 and ready to go into a tower in the next step of this mission.

My first impressions of the game?

The good: great setting that leaves a lot to imagination, carefully planned scenarios. Simple mechanics, yet with good debth. Coop works well. Treasure, skills and spells are awesome. Progression seems very smooth.

The bad: pdf is at this point a bit difficult to use. We had two phones and an ipad at our disposal. Printing and binding it is rather expensive. Once we get used to the rules it will get easier, but it wouldn’t hurt with a “quick sheet” for checking rules.

We both thought the scenarios were a bit easy, but this has been pointed out by the author in the book. We come from oldhammer quest where chances of getting through the first quest was next to impossible. We are looking forward to a tougher challenge once the training wheels come off!