Alright! Vacation over. The days are getting darker. Let the games begin!

So, I will probably get the new rulebook from Osprey, Ghost archipelago, as I love Frostgrave and the creativity it sparks in regards to the crafting and painting aspect of the hobby.  It is not a big initial investment either as it is just a book (not considering the countless guilt-ridden orders of miniatures following this initial investment).

Lately, though, there is that itch…the dungeon crawler itch as one might call it. I want to immerse into a deeper gaming experience, RPG-style, where the world and story is laid out for me, paired with lots of randomness. I also want a deep coop campaign with a strong story and backdrop, but without the use of a DM. I’ve been checking out some videos and reviews for the latest dc games out there. There is a few that are up for retail already or soon to come.

I’ve been eyeing the following games: Massive Darkness, Sword & Sorcery, and Gloomhaven. I have also been looking at Darklight: Memento Mori.

I compare all such games to the original Warhammer Quest, obviously, as I consider it the holy grail of dungeon crawlers. The problem here is that I know it so well, I know all the adventures, all the monsters, all the events, all the character upgrades….I want something new and unfamiliar, but with the same feeling as WHQ.

Initially I had high hopes for Massive Darkness. It looks very well done, lots of content in the box, there are crossover possibilities to Zombicide which possibly makes for an even larger universe. Looking at some reviews it seems they level up in-dungeon. The travelling aspect of whq, visiting villages and cities to train and purchase stuff is simply not there? Getting out of the dungeon is important so this is a BIG con for me.

Sword & Sorcery I had not paid attention to before recently when I saw some videos and reviews. This is thematically closer to the style I like. Artwork is not as “cartoony” as CMON’s games, it looks more classic. I was a bit put off after seeing a playthrough video, though…because MEIN GOTT, does it look fiddly! The amount of cards and tokens is just out of this world! Although I do think games in this category should not be too simple, it is important that this is balanced.

Gloomhaven seems to have slightly less of the fiddliness. The setting looks great, there is less miniatures in the box, which is good for me as I have a ton to proxy for enemies. The campaign seems to have a depth to it that I suspect Massive Darkness is lacking of…but, and there is a big but: NO DICE?!?! ….NO DICE?!?!?!?! This does not compute. Maybe this is not a problem for those with Magic the gathering backgrounds and other deck building games, but for me it just seems like a calculated strategy in order to separate the product from the other crawlers. Perhaps I need to broaden my horizon a bit.

Finally there is the long awaited Darklight: memento mori. This is probably the closest to WHQ, and the creators does not try to hide that they are heavily influenced by it. I love the look, the board sections and the minis and they have between dungeon activities which is very important. But then there is the issue of getting a game that is too similar to WHQ.

So these are my thoughts. I will probably let myself marinate for a while on this. I might just settle with my trusty old WHQ, tggitw (the greatest game in the world), but I also feel like I want to explore a new game. Any thoughts on this is welcome!