Just had a fantastic game from the Frostgrave: forgotten pacts expansion. 6 barbarians are placed  at the start next to a treasure token each. Whenever one of them are killed, two new enter the board!


Suspecting we would quickly run out of barbarian minis I dug out these two old friends as well.

There were many epic moments such as this one:


The barbarian evaded the effect of my horn of destruction (crumble). I leaped Fafnir the treasure hunter up there so he could possibly win the combat and push the barbarian down the manhole. The plan backfired and Fafnir was pushed to his death instead.


Epic bridge duel between Shamrock the apprentice and a barbarian. Shamrock was eventually crushed to death!


Then there was a massive slugfest between my imps, javelineer and man at arms and three barbarians. The combat lasted for a while, but eventually my minions were defeated.



The barbarians swarmed this ruin where my marksman had actually teamed up with my opponents barbarian. They fought back to back for a while…


In tandem with my marksman, the goblin barbarian slayed three or four berserkers, but eventually they were wiped out.

I lost all my guys save for the apprentice that managed to get out with a treasure. My opponent fared better with three treasures, but also many casualties. Not a single blow fell between the warbands as they were too busy fighting the berserkers. The professor lost his apprentice, shamrock, and I lost my halfling ranger who has had an amazing track record so far with a number of epic kills. Including this time as he jumped a three inch gap and fired a critical arrow at a berserker upon landing. RIP!