Latest addition to my warband: the barbarian man-at-arms. I wanted an allround barbarian with several weapons (axe and sword) and shield so he can double as a barbarian for warhammer quest. (Hence the square base). The rope was added to give him an adventuring feel.


Lots of browns there, a bit boring perhaps. Might go in and touch up later…

Also managed to squeeze in some terrain from the Ulterior motive pack.


It’s my first time trying oxidation on bronze. Turned out better than I thought.

I wanted to review the latest frostgrave magazine expansion- Spellcaster! It’s like what Deathblow was for Warhammer quest. I loved the rules in it, but the author could have put a little more effort in the design. We have not had time to play with the new rules because, “sadly”, the weather was extremely nice last week. Not easy to sit inside with the hobby when its like that!

I’ll be entering a three week hiatus as I go on a summer vacation. Need to charge up so I can last through the long dark winter here. A nice thing about that is more time for the hobby:)

Wish you all a great summer and take care!