It is probably a bit early for me to review this expansion as I have only played one game with it, but what the hell.

Ulterior motives is an expansion for Frostgrave which introduces a bit of depth to your wizards motivation besides treasure hunting. (For those who play/ed oldschool warhammer quest it is the equivalent of “dark secrets”.)

The expansion set consists of 40 cards with small missions that is to be played within the mission with a few modifications. The rules on how to use ulterior motives are printed on two of the cards. Basically there is some difference in warband placement, number of treasures placed and gained experience by adding ulterior motives to a regular scenario. I don’t really see the point why it should change, but as I said I’m still a noob.

The expansion arrived in the mail the day before we were going to play a scenario called the “coming of ambronnax” from the forgotten pacts expansion. I thought this would complicate the scenario, but it actually ended up adding to its atmosphere, or at least one of the motive cards did. I got a card called “hidden demon” I think. It suited my summoner warband perfectly! A failed summoning had caused a major demon to escape and hide among the opposing warband, posing as a soldier. It would reveal itself after 2 turns and by killing this I would gain an extra 80 xp. Because of the original scenario this meant that we would have 2 major demons on the board by the end of turn 2 + at least 2 failing wretches at any given time. My opponent got a motive which was a bit difficult to understand; to reach a given terrain piece and spend one action would heal him and the wizard would gain 50 xp. This also came with red herrings to throw me off his actual goal, but I couldn’t really care less if he reached that so it was a bit of an anti climax to be honest. There was enough to worry about on the table already! I was able to kill the hidden demon with a critical shot so that was nice as it “knew my true name” which is apparently a big deal for demons.

All in all, it worked out fine with the cards, but I have some annoyances with the actual battle itself! I’ll pick out the worst example:


Ambronnax materializes. My soldiers get in a real hurry to carry the treasure out.


We try to damage the demon from a distance and succeeed. Eventually he is actually down to 2 wounds (1 crit from my ranger and one sweet roll on a spell called planar tear). One more spell takes him down to 1 wound!


…In comes the randomly generated bile hound. This lil’ fella is bound by the goblin witch warband, makes its way to Ambronnax who, after all my efforts, is on his heels with 1 wound left and it goddamn kills him in the final round (Bile hound +1 fight, Ambronnax+8 fight). This gives the goblins 100 xp. …..You’re welcome!