Sooo…I’m making minis now, how bout that? I don’t think Reaper or GW have to worry just yet, but it went better than I thought! Using the same technique as with the weirdwood I made a frame with wire and hotglue


Main frame is thicker than the arms which I made using three strands of more flexible wire “twined” together. Sorry I did not get a pic of that. I added hotglue for strenght and girth. Made a head of greenstuff and added airdry clay to the body, shaping with a tool and some water to smooth out.

Smooth design is more difficult since flaws are more visible. Paintjob came after I had based it with matt black paint mixed with pva.


Not super happy with the drybrushing, but overall not that bad for this kind of monster I think. It is a large version of the Frostgrave nullman (sellsword expansion), a strange creature that is immune to magic, and will always go after magic users. I have already made a Frostgrave scenario for it:)