-Sooo…what do you make of this, monk?

Sabellicus had for a while felt the need to replace one of his men- the halfling thief. The goblins had reached every location before them. Surely a sign of bad intelligence gathering by the little git. The new hire was claimed to be very knowledgeable in the field of creatures- a walking bestiary of sorts. Now they had arrived first to a forest clearing where a looming tree stood guard over piles of treasure.

– Certainly not of a demonic nature. I believe it to have the traits of a large construct, but not crafted by the hands of an ordinary wizard, mind you. It is very, very old…

The monk spoke in a calm voice, but his eyes betrayed his attempt to hide the excitement he felt.


– I sense ancient wisdom…and intense greed from it. If you do not mind, I would very much like to have a closer look…

– Not at all, the wizard said with a grin, but if you see any treasure…just bring it back here would you…?

Before Sabellicus had even finished his sentence, the monk was taking quick, long strides towards the tree.


Next up is a scenario I put together with the Weirdwood in a central role and a playtest, stay tuned!