kicking it up a notch from my clay trees, I thought I’d try my hands on a bigger project using the same technique: a living, sentient tree aka the weirdwood.

Started out with a cardtube, cut out a face

Cut out the face to attach a plastic visir, then glued back the piece


Made a hole under the base for the led candle.


At this point I started laughing…look at this miserable wretch! I attached straightened paper clips for the branches with hotglue.


“Kill meeeee!”

– No can do, hombre. You have a soul now.


Now comes the fun part, air drying clay! I squeezed it on the bottom half first, used a tool to drag lines into it to simulate the bark. I let it dry over night and then continued with the top part.


I covered the whole thing in pva glue and water mix to add strenght.


Matt black coat.


Brown drybrush, lighter brown highlight, and then lighter brown highlight in parts that stick out a bit.


Voila! Stay tuned for scenic pics and backstory in my next post. I’m also brewing a Frostgrave scenario for it!