Doesn’t happen often, but we managed to kick off two consecutive sessions in one evening! We had plenty of new terrain to introduce to the board.

IMG_3437The professor had made this awesome broken bridge!


A great piece of terrain with lots of character and ancient gravitas.


My buildings and clay trees got playtime in the first scenario.

So the first scenario was a very simple homebaked one. A necromancer living close to a small village had started experiencing on the locals and they are now wandering around looking for brains. But there is also treasure to be had for those brave and greedy enough! 4 zombies start out in the center, then 1 appears for each treasure picked up on a 14+.

Goblins (witch) vs humans (summoner) game 1:


The goblins send out their bear to cover the retreat of a thief grabbing a treasure. The zombies start shuffling towards the bear.


Sabellicus the summoner leaps himself into the abandoned necromancer tower. From up there he has a good vantage point for casting elemental ball.


Captain Kronos momentarily halts and swiftly reloads his pistol as he sees the lumbering bear approaching his colleagues.


Bear kills three zombies and pushes one out of the way.

Summoner blasts both enemy wizard and apprentice to smithereens with elemental ball.

Witch locks infantryman with bones of the earth and blinds javelineer with blinding lights and the thief just barely makes it off the board with the treasure.

Captain Kronos shoots and kills bear.

Score 3-3

Great game!