So in the next game we went into the breeding pit, specifically the scenario “the breeding pit” in the expansion “into the breeding pits”…..  Very simple scenario; every turn a random creature turns up.


Lots of walls and smaller details. We love dungeons!


I forgot to take pictures, but let me tell you the story of Ahab and the bear.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, due to rumours that the goblins had befriended a bear, my wizard proactively hired Bearhunterz inc. Two soldiers that specialize in bearhunting.

In this game, they really got to show what they were good for.


The bear targets my treasure carrying thief. The bearhunters run to the rescue!

Ahab throws the first javelin at the bear causing no damage, then Bog Hellhammer (infantryman) makes first contact by running straight into it. Ahab prepares to follow up, but Bog manages to smash one of its paws. The bear withdraws slightly and tries to flank.

Ahab throws another javelin, causing some damage this time, and then he engages in hand to hand. Bog is now busy with a goblin assassin so Ahab is on his own. Miraculously, Ahab slays the bear and lives to tell the tale! The thief safely manages to escape with the treasure.


Ahab slays the bear!

I had really no expectations to the javelineer vs bear scenario. He is dirt cheap and a poor fighter/shooter while bears are…well, bears. But tactically it really worked out, especially in tandem with another fighter. He can throw the javelin and then get into hth, causing the opponent to use one action to attack him or just to keep it in place. He can keep his distance or cover the retreat of another model. I guess an archer could do the same or even a better job, but that doesn’t fit into my goddamn vision! The best part was that the professor had threatened me with this bear for weeks. The miniature arrived the other day, and he acted as if it would change the whole dynamic of the game. It felt good to prove him wrong (this time at least).

Back to the game: IMG_3453

Fafnir hellhand (upgraded to treasure hunter) engages with an orc knight.

Score Summoner 4, Witch 2.

No major casualties post game. We found some grimoirs, some gold. The witch took the book of the beastcrafter so he has ambitions to go that way now (growing horns and wings and mutating his animals etc.). It suits his goblin style warband well, I think. Sabellicus’ time will come when we get into the forgotten pacts:)