I’ve been wanting to try and make some trees for a while. Rather than buying wire I used some redundant paper clips to make the “frame” by twisting and turning and covered it with hotglue to add stability and girth. Then I bought some air-dry clay that I’ve been curious about for a while. I rolled the clay into thin sausages and pressed it to the frame, trying to follow the paperclip. Once I had added suficient clay to cover most of the hot glue, I took a bamboo skewer (only later did I remember that I have a perfectly fine set of GW hobby tools for this exact purpose) and started to drag lines into the clay. I started dragging top- down, but found that dragging from the bottom and upwards was better for this type of clay. I let it dry until the next day. On the package it said it would dry into a “ceramic like finish”. This worried me a bit as ceramic is too fragile for wargaming, at least for my storage method anyway (big box-everything inside). I turned to my trusty pvc glue and mixed it with water to coat the whole thing. This strenghtened it and gave it a plastic-like texture, almost a resin finish. I really enjoy coating stuff with glue…


Paper clips and hotglue


Attaching the “sausages”


…Ok, so it doesn’t look like much now, and I am really not sure how this will turn out when painted. One might say that they resemble dead pine trees perhaps? I will try to take some more scenic pics with the finished building fronts if they turn out ok. Since this pic I have added grovel to the bases and undercoated with black. Learned some about the qualities of air drying clay from this project that might help with future projects…