I was a huge Conan fan when growing up. While looking through my bitz box one of the characters in Conan surfaced in my head and I thought I should try out a conversion. Fafnir Hellhand or Demonhand was a tough basterd with an interesting backstory.

fafnir 1

Cheating death on numerous occasions, the one-armed bandit eventually ended up with the hand of a demon attached to his body, making him even harder to kill as it had ressurective abilities. The hand would also affect his personality and he would lose control over it from time to time.

fafnir 2

I really liked this character because despite being a tough fighter, he had a very sensitive human side as well. Compared to the invincible Conan he had some real depth to him.

fafnir 3

I thought it would suit my summoner warband to have a guy like this. A living proof of a failed experiment or summoning perhaps. True to the story of the original Fafnir where he started out as a thug in Shadizar and accidentally got stabbed by his companion (survived), I want to start him out at thug level and eventually upgrade him to barbarian.

fafnir 4

This picture represents my favourite interpretation of him. In this series he was also donning a heavy war club instead of the sword. Easier for me to convert and suits him better I think. A furry demon hand would also be more difficult to make. I had oversized orc hands readily available.

Here is the result (wrong hand, drats!):




This is not the greatest conversion in the world…this is just a tribute đŸ˜›

Body and head is chaos marauder. Arm is 5th edition orc. The hand is from a genestealer from space hulk! The club is made from parts from the marauder set. Fur cloak is greenstuff. I might do some touch ups or variation on the paint, but he is basically done. Can’t wait to see him die multiple times on the battlefield and then bring him back every time with the excuse: “…it’s Fafnir Hellhand”