Is wargaming better with music? I’m not sure. When I paint and craft, definitely. When I play, not always. Ambience is the key here, I believe, and my recommendations is based on that more than anything else. The focus you have when playing against someone can get disrupted with music in the background so sometimes it is best to play nothing at all. That being said, here are some favorites/recommendations I’d like to share.

bo hansson

Bo Hansson, a swedish composer I just recently discovered. He composed his first album inspired by the lord of the rings so obviously it will go well with a fantasy setting. Funny thing is that much of his work is familiar to me since he has been sampled by several hip hop artists.


Which brings us to this gem thats been with me from the beginning of my wargaming hobby days: Heavy Mental by Killah Priest. I suspect mr. Killah Priest is a wargamer himself as I’ve heard him refer to witch elves and warhammer in a track on…I believe it was the album the psychic world of walter reed. 


Weirdly, electric cafe/technopop worked really well during a game recently…not sure why.


There is a lot that can be said about Burzum as a person, but he nails ambience, He’s got that going for him.

This guy nails ambience too, Svarte greiner (black branches).


IAM- L’ecole du micro d’argent (school of the silver mic). French hip hop legends…nails it!


Swedish rapper Petter also nails it on his first album.


Oh, the hordes of Skaven I have painted with this playing in the background…


Jethro Tull…It doesn’t have to get weird if you don’t let it….or let it, if it feels right!


Speaking of Progrock…this absolutely needs to be on the list. Lame name, epic music.