A sinister bunch has entered the race for magic treasure in Felstad. These greenskins appear to be quite ambitious…


Goblin shaman (witch class) Korky Brainbursta, his apprentice Shamrock and captain Grom the Fat.


Korky has a passion for making potions from mushrooms. He firmly believes that his artisanal taste sets his potions above all other potions and he simply despises mass produced potions. His secret is the use of various poisonous mushrooms from which he has developed several yeast strains that both elevates the taste and the effect of his potions to incomparable heights. The use of poison mushrooms can be quite risky, and good routines for testing is necessary in the final production phase. This is where Shamrock the apprentice comes in.


When not testing potions, Shamrock spends alot of time in the forest collecting mushrooms for Korky. He also eats his fair share of shrooms to make the searching more entertaining for himself and it was during one of these trips that he discovered a deep connection with animals. The shroom trips can last for days and when he finally emerges from the deep forest he is often accompanied by animals such as wolves.


Grom the Fat is a goblin the size of an orc and a threatening presence in Korky’s warband. He is a natural leader and has the air of an experienced commander about him. He always refers to himself in third person and is no longer called “the Fat” directly by the warband members as this has caused several dismissals of a permanent nature in the past. He prefers “yer immensity” or “O’ muscular one”. Little is known about his past, but he hates elves with a passion and when drunk often curses a certain “Griffon riding long eared prissypants” while gently stroking the blade of his axe “Elf-biter”.


Korky sending shamrock on a mushroom gathering mission.