Here are the three top dogs in my recently started summoner warband.



Sabellicus the summoner. A pathological narcissist with grandiose delusions.


Ma Sabellicus, the apprentice. The wizards mother has taken upon herself to be the voice of reason when Sabellicus’ plans and self confidence begins to take off. She favors witchcraft, but appreciates the value of summoning a demon or two. Sabellicus secretly hopes that she will be devoured by a demon some day so that he may take on a real apprentice/slave.


Captain Kronos. A former demon hunter has been tasked by a secret union of redemptionists to act as a double agent. If Sabellicus one day manages to summon that demon whose-name-shall-remain-unspoken, Kronos must complete his ultimate mission and slay both Sabellicus and the demon.


Sabellicus has a pet dragon as his familiar. He dreams of the day when he can ride it into battle and lay waste to the world!


Ma Sabellicus has a cat familiar. It rarely bothers to show up.


Naturally, the dragon is terrified of the cat…