So we had a game with new warbands this evening. I’d like to present the warbands painted and ready, but they are not quite there yet.

In the meantime I thought I’d share a comical situation from the game. The scenario was silent tower-a nullified 10″ tall tower stands in the center with a big treasure pile in it.


The soldiers are planning a strategy to get up in the tower…

We both tried to get people inside, but my opponent got there first with his captain.



Look at that face! But the initial joy quickly turned into despair…


How am I supposed to get down from here?!

I placed my archer by the door downstairs to wait for him and get a swing at the encumbered git.



He had two choices. Jump out the window, take massive damage, possibly killing himself….or take the stairs and get attacked by the archer and my captain who had also started the climb. After contemplating these choices loudly for several turns he decided the latter and was successful killing everything in his way with some ridiculously heroic dice rolls. Oh well, I enjoyed the sense of his despair at least. The captain now has earned the name “princess of the silent tower”.