It is always a kick for me when the terrain pieces I’ve been working on becomes a part of the game. Yesterday this large wooden bridge I made with coffee stirrers and cardboard was used as the centerpiece on the board and it performed exactly as I had hoped! I made a hole in the middle 2″ long so any model who has to jump over the hole needs at least 4″, 2″ for the momentum and 2″ for the actual hole. This meant he had to stay in a very exposed spot until he had enough movement to make the jump. My dwarf trollslayer made the jump of his life and picked up the treaure on the other side. Immediately after, the opposing wizard cast crumble on the bridge and the trollslayer fell down taking some damage, but was better off for it since it saved him some climbing time.

My tower also got some attention yesterday as the professor’s knight teleported up there early on to secure a piece of treasure. My demon hunter was on his way, but halted when he heard the crazed hypeventilation of the possessed knight through the door. Eventually some tactical support arrived in the form of my wizard and they were able to steal the treasure away with the help of a potion of invulnerability and some sneaky maneuvering. The spiral staircase provides good cover as you can inch away from los from any direction. Also the teleport spell is useful once you are up there.

Here is yesterdays result:

Treasure: Sigilist 5 – Necromancer 1

Out of action: Sigilist 1 – Necromancer 5

Also, we have started preparing new warbands! Very excited to try a new wizard class…