The thief tries to pick up a treasure in the web room…sadly it was a fake treasure!

No long report this time, just some pictures from the last scenario we played, the Breeding pit. At the end of each turn, a random monster spawns, the player with the highest roll gets to place it. This time the day was mine and the professor lost all his men save for one.It is maybe more correct that the table won this time as he was mercilessly pounded by random monsters, despite him getting to place 90% of them and winning all initiative rolls. For the two last rounds I won the roll and chose to randomly place the monsters in one of the entrances. Both times they ended up in the doorway of his escape route…hahahaha!

Treasure score: Necromancer 1- Sigilist 3

Out of action score: Sigilist 5- Necromancer 10

We both lost 3 members permanently.


An archer tries to take on the wizard in hth after wounding him from a distance. 


An uninvited troll joins the party and stays for way too long!


Deployment in the pits is a crowded affair…