Yesterday we were finally able to delve into the dungeons beneath Felstad. I had been looking forward to this because I wanted to use my beloved Warhammer Quest dungeon tiles as scenery for the dungeon. It worked out pretty well actually!

We went for the 2-2,5D look with scatter terrain spread evenly over the board sections. We could have used more doors to connect sections, but used wooden walkways some places instead due to lack of doors. I might have to make some…


First thoughts about the dungeon play in Frostgrave: Shooters and shooty wizards are at a disadvantage and how to manage space and movement becomes more complex.

As the title indicates, there was some thorough smashing yesterday. The first scenario of Into the Breeding Pits (IBP) states that terrain will move on its own due to some weird fungus and if you pick up treasure, a violent (!) fungus will come out to fight while spewing out poisonous fumes. I have no fungi in my mini collection so we used plaguebearers instead.

The assassin faces the plaguebearer on the bridge.

Treasure was placed and sides were chosen. I successfully cast fools gold and then we were off. I got to choose side first and chose the one that looked most promising. It was an almost guaranteed 3 treasure haul by the looks of it. Each player starts in an entrance area on his side so its pretty cramped in the beginning. Lacking for choice, the professor moved all his guys down the hallway, while I headed for the large chamber in the centre and cast wall with my wiz to block entry from his side into the chamber. I spread my warband in three directions. I took the eastern route with my apprentice and a few followers to try and get my hands on that fourth treasure and/or to distract my opponent, and my assassin headed west. After two rounds of sneaky movement, my assassin picked up a treasure and was set upon by a fungus..err…plaguebearer. this fight lasted for several rounds, the monster wounding and poisoning my poor assassin before he could prevail and slowly drag the treasure out of there, one action at a time. The knight tried to run to the rescue, but was also halted (and poisoned) by a plaguebearer.

The main battle occurred in a T-junction connected to a corridor. The professor’s crew were all jampacked in there except a thief heading out eastward for a (false) treasure in the firechasm room. It felt good announcing that it was fool’s gold….My unusually brave apothecary took out a bottle which seemed to contain some sort of fog from his backpack and stood in front of a closed door. The halfling ranger put an ear to the door and could hear rustling, swearing, huffing and puffing from the other side. Obviously too many bodies packed into too little space. Together they whispered “3-2-1…” and as the halfling flung open the door the apothecary lobbed the bottle into the midst of a large group of soldiers. Instantly a wraith semi-materialized from the smashed bottle. This plan did not work out how I had envisioned it. The enemy locked the wraith in combat and ran past it, setting upon the surprised ranger and apothecary instantly….(the pinning rules for whq does not apply in frostgrave!)


wraith bottle smash!

Swarm! Swarm!

Although the ranger and apothecary held the position for a while, they were eventually overrun by the enemy soldiers. My marksman and apprentice also eventually succumbed to a bunch of natural 20’s. My wizard tried to get in on the flank with my barbarian while my captain and demon hunter started to leg it with the treasures. My wizard took out the enemy wizard with a bolt, but was shortly after critted and killed by a knight. My captain seeing this, dropped his treasure for the poisoned knight to pick up and headed for the chamber once again.  Left now was enemy apprentice and a bunch of soldiers from both sides although my guys were slightly worse for the wear. From that point it rapidly went downhill for me….


Leg iiiiit!!


Outta my way, zombie!


One dead halfling ranger, coming up.

The professor managed to secure 4 treasures in total. one of them was originally carried by my knight who was moving very slowly with only one action and encumbered. He had been in this situation before and had a small hope of repeating the success. Not so as he was dragged down by an imp and bones of the earth. This was witnessed by my assassin who was also headed for that exit. He quickly gulped down his invisibility potion (fantastic investment for this situation) and snuck out with the treasure. The rest of my warband, 9 men, were taken out.

The score: Necromancer 4- Sigilist 2

Out of action: Necromancer 2- Sigilist 8

Pretty devastating for me. Since it was the professor’s birthday I could somewhat gracefully accept the defeat. Rolling that many natural 20’s is not normal, but I figured they were cosmic birthday rolls- the universe was gifting him crits.

Luckily the universe had not forgotten about me and except for a smashed leg on my apprentice and a badly wounded infantryman, the rest of them were ok!

The professor lost an archer permanently (rubs hands). We levelled up, got some treasure and will continue deeper into the pits.