Last night we finished the Liche lord campaign. It was sort of anti-climactic. The reason for this was that since we had annihilated eachothers warbands to the last man in almost every scenario over the past weeks, we decided to make a gentlemans agreement and take on the liche lord and his minions in coop- mode. The amount of minions was quite daunting, but at around level 40 for both wizards, we did not have major problems.


The Liche lord summons a skeleton to replace a lost minion

Also, we have learned by painful failures to move and act tactically and carefully. The Liche lord did not stand a chance.


In cover of the fog, the soldiers closes up on the evil wizard.

Once the minions had been taken care of, both warbands approached in cover, edging in slowly from two directions. The wizards occupyed the lord with various spells, such as bones of the earth and mind controlling one of his minions to go into combat and not use its action to attack, forcing the Liche to take care of that in place of a spell.


Time to collect the treasure!

As the Liche had been severely wounded with two successful elemental bolts from a distance, my trollslayer barbarian claimed the honour of the kill by stepping forward and lopping its head off. At that moment we had to decide if we should fight over the remaining treasures or leave it at that. A short, but tense pause later we decided to call it a draw and share the treasure equally.

In retrospect, a third player would have been welcome to take the part of the Liche lord. We had to use a combination of priority actions and intelligent actions for the lord, but if it had been an independent player moving, we would probably have seen a different outcome. Also, if we had not agreed to cooperate, it would have been mayhem and probably more interesting.

Oh well, next up we move into the breeding pits…into the dark dungeons where we feel most at home!