One of my miniatures arrived with a missing limb!

I immediately notified my supplier who promised to send a new one. They also sent me a gift card so it was a win-win-win situation for me ( rules!)!

So what to do with the incomplete one? Hellakin Goregutter by Reaper is the mini, a halfling thief character. My bits box isn’t exactly bursting with unused hobbit limbs, but after some testing I found that the north star frostgrave minis are quite small scale.

I cut off some of the arm (jeezh, imagine reading this out of context) and positioned to fit the socket. This was a left- arm so I had to file down the thumb a bit so it did not become too obvious. I then glued it in place and attached a quiver to his back. Pretty happy with this, will be used as a ranger in the next game.


the original to the right.

Ready to go!