Aaaw yiss! Managed to get my grubby hands on some foamcore for free! Found a one meter long piece in a container at a material store and asked if they could give it to me instead of throwing it away- score! I’ve never used foamcore to make terrain, but I’ve seen amazing crafts online (Black magic craft channel on youtube) and always wanted to try it. Its not very available and quite expensive here.


With no plan I started hacking and slashing at the piece. It was quite a messy process, but eventually I had created something that looked like something…an altar perhaps? Having some tealight leds I wanted to use I cut out two holes to fit them. After that I cleaned up the sculpt for a while and drew in some tiles on the top with a ballpoint pen. Then came the paintjob.


Came out like this. I forgot two important things: adding some sand for realism and texturizing the top with a rolled up tin foil ball.

It was used as the centrepiece of last nights game as a throne in the lair of the ghoul king. Worked out pretty well as a interactive terrain piece actually:) What to make with the rest of the foamcore…hmmmm…