Just before the holidays we managed to get a game in from the Lich lord campaign. This was the house of longreach which I now believe to be a masterpiece scenario (Kudos to Joseph A. Mc Cullough, the creator and mastermind of Frostgrave). You are trying to get to a treasure chamber off the actual gaming board with the help of portals and its very random what might happen once you step through. Depending on the roll, you take damage/get teleported to a random portal/out of the game or into the chamber. Both of us got in the chamber, I got many of my soldiers in there, but my opponent got his apprentice and eventually necromancer in there with demon and zombie summoning abilities, boosting his numbers. After some rounds a zombie troll and some cultists also show up to join the party.


This was the board we set up (notice the little tower in the middle there!?) and we used Warhammer quest doorways as portals…I really need to get those painted up…

It was a bloody affair as usual and 80% of my team either got killed or teleported off the table, same for my opponent. It was an epic fight in the treasure chamber and I was barely able to pull that special treasure (a cool gem) out with my Rangifer. He was within an inch of certain death, locked in combat with the opposing necromancer, managed to win the fight, push the evil wizard away and throw himself through the portal.

img_2961Love the idea of having a separate chamber! I also got to use my heroquest furniture! I really need to paint those up too…