Wow…I was hoping this “series” of my tower was finished by no. 3. But, alas, I had obviously underestimated this project and/or overestimated my ability.

So, I was getting along fine with the “house” that was going to sit as a removable top on the base tower. I figured I needed a removable roof that would sit there until a character actually enters the building.

I thought about this a bit, seeking advice through other hobbyists pages and videos. I found this youtube channel by the Terrain Wench who makes very impressive and unique-looking scenery for wargaming. The video I found was this:

A tutorial to make fantasy roofs…perfect. I’ve been wanting to try working with oven baked clay for a while (i just needed an excuse since I am a grown man) so I followed her instructions and it went pretty well. The clay roof became uneven, but I figured that it might just add to the character (meaning: I had used all the clay and it is not that cheap where I live). Now, the twirl that she adds to the top is a bit “discworldy” for my own taste, but the tiling techniques could work well with the uneven clay roof. Originally I wanted to try the easy version that she also demonstrates in the video, cutting out strips and then horisontally cutting into it to make “teeth” that can be overlapped. I like round or square tiles better than diamond tiles, but cutting out round tiles would be too time consuming (I did this on the stairs- hated it.). I suspected the roof was a bit too uneven for the “tooth” strips so I thought what the hell, I’ll go for the diamond scales…It looked relatively easy to cut out and it could be shaped after the roof. In the video she says that it took her about 3-4 hours to glue on the scales. “She must be taking her sweet time”, I thought as I put on the first three scales, “I’ll probably get this done in two”.


6 hours later and  I had been through quite an emotional rollercoaster. I had cursed myself for choosing the dragonscales. I had cursed PVC glue. I had cursed my big scissors. I cursed my country for not having a dollarstore that DM scotty rants about in all his videos (I would have bought more clay and reshaped that damned roof). I cursed the terrain wench for this diabolical technique and the dexterity of her fingers that made it look so easy in the video….


Then, as I put on the final dragonscale, a solitary tear ran down my cheek. I stretched my crooked back and lifted my twisted and broken hands to the sky, my mouth silently wording “it’s over…it is over!” All was forgiven.


I don’t think the result really justifies the effort. The technique is solid, and it will look awesome if done by someone with more patience and skill than me. And maybe it is actually enjoyable to do for some people…

Building the roof with fimo clay was the fun part here. it is not as heavy or dry as I had suspected. It is almost like hard plastic if you don’t overbake it and I think I might use it for other projects too. I like that it comes in black colour also. Try making it as even as possible, I believe some water can be used to even it out. I didn’t think about this at all.

I really don’t know if i’m happy with this until it is painted. I have blackbombed both the house and the roof and its ready for paint. Stay tuned:)