Yesterday, this badboy landed in my mailbox! I’ve been oogling this for a while. At first it seemed a bit simple to someone who grew up with 4th edition warhammer, quest and necromunda where the rulesets sometimes encourages the memory capabilities of an idiot savant. Then I thought this is not necessarily a bad thing. Know your limits, they say. I am not exactly getting younger, and the last time we played necromunda, I must admit I had some difficulties remembering stuff which kind of messed up the flow of the game. Anyway, this will serve as a variation to our usual quest campaigns. The book was lighter and smaller than I expected, which is good! I like to have the physical book, but will recommend considering the pdf- version in these pad-times. I flipped through the book and it looks promising. Very easy to understand, cool spells and backstory. I like that the generic ruleset kind of encourages the use of other miniatures. I can easily see myself bringing a trollslayer mini for a barbarian or an elf for a ranger etc. This game also gives me an excuse to make some fantasy scenery which I love/hate depending on the result.

Can’t wait to try this out!