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Here is a simple coop zombie scenario for Necromunda. We have played it several times and I must say that it tends to become a slaughterfest with alot of hand to hand combat, last stand situations and self sacrifice situations. The zombies in necromunda (outlander expansion) move 2d6 so they are pretty damn fast, hence the title.

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Scenario: The sprinting dead

Randomly pick or choose 3 members from each gang.

This will be a coop scenario where they have to work together in order to escape a horde of zombies.

Setting up

Place the group in the middle of the table and set up surrounding scenery the way you want it. Evenly place out 6 counters at least 12” away from the group and minimum 5” between each counter. One should be marked as an “exit”. Or you could use a deck of cards and use the ace etc. Vary your placement levels. The exit could be at high levels as well depending on your scenery.


Gangers get first turn.


Each player takes a turn to place out one of 1d6 zombies each on the board before start.

They must be at least 8” from the group.

1d6+1 zombies will generate each zombie turn from a randomly selected table edge and can move and fight in the same turn. They will go for the nearest ganger or the biggest group. Check outlanders for stats and rules.

Ending the game

No more than two gangers can escape at a time. A ganger has to approach a counter and use his secondary action flipping it (He can move up to it, but not shoot or take any other action the same turn as flipping). You must be within 1” of the exit and use a whole turn exiting. Once all have exited the game is over. Choose your tactic. It may be quicker to split up, but potentially very dangerous.

If you go down or out of action in this scenario, use the recovery table in outlanders.


Experience +5 per hit and +1d3 experience per surviving ganger.

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