bone giant

Oh, man. This was by far my favourite large model to paint up until now. The model is from reaper bones line and we use it as a substitute for a giant for WHQ with some tweaked rules to make it more undeady…

I mostly copied a technique I saw by this guy on youtube…I cannot find his video or name now, but he drybrushed the whole thing and it came out great. Above is WIP, but the end result was really satisfying.

Here are the tweaked stats for Warhammer quest:

M: 6

WS: 2

BS: 4+

S: 7

T: 6 (11)

W: 64

I: 3

A: S

Gold: 2000

Armour: 5

Damage: 5

Special: Terror 11; Giant attacks; Ignore blows 5+; Regenerate 3; Large monster; Never pinned.

He is included in the monster table from level 6 in the dungeon bash, but from lvl 4 if we play catacombs of terror. He is easier to kill than a regular giant, but that means we can use him at lower levels and it is also natural to accompany him with necromancers at higher levels.


The hateful quartet takes on the bone giant.