I.love.conversions. Especially if they work. It doesnt have to be large conversions, just something that looks and feels slightly original.

For my bloodclaw deserters I had a few ideas to try out. First, I wanted a Ramones-style punkrocker with a baseball bat to beat on the brat, just for the hell of it.

joey ramone

Horrible pic, sorry. The bat is cut out of a sprue and filed down. Probably much easier ways to do it and in the end the bat turned out to be a bit oversized. I used a catahan jungle fighter torso because I wanted him to have a leather vest. the bottom is also a catahan fighter. So actually, the only space wolf on this one is the head, and the flamer on his back. I’ll get up some better pictures because it actually turned out pretty neat in the end.

Next, I wanted a scruffy, smelly hunter type fellow. almost half animal half human type.

fleabag fleabag 3

He was to have blades attached to his hands with bandages (greenstuff) and kind of biotic left arm, wolverine-ish.

Space wolf arm and head, catahan jungle torso and legs and one arm. Again, not a good pic, but he has gotten a wolf pelt made from greenstuff and a shotgun. I’ll see if I can take some better pics from these conversions later.

fleabag 2