Very excite!

Two games I got news of this week and that I am quite excited about: Warhammer quest 2  from Ben Murch (Rodeo games) and Necromunda! Not tabletop, but pad/pc/console.

WHQ2 I expect will be good. Though the first was quite repetetive it delivered on turn based action and spiritual and visual homage. I have my reservations about Necromunda- I heard it was the same people who made that mordheim pc game which looked kind of shit tbh. Here’s to hoping they don’t f it up. Really, the basis is there: story, system, concept, artwork….and it has to be turn based, right?!


Hut walls


For some variation I made some ruined hut walls


I repurposed the three walls from a circular floor intended for my tower.


indeed. A few days off work and shit gets done! I mentioned earlier about making printable paper scenery. It was fun, but did not satisfy that crafting itch to the fullest. So I decided to try and make some from scratch, DM Scotty style. Check out his videos on building fronts. I wanted something flat- ish, easy to store so as to keep the peace at home. So thats the key here, storable and playable. Check it:



Yup, pretty intimidating size, but still easy to store! Basically made from coffee stirrers and cardboard.





Fafnir Hellhand conversion

I was a huge Conan fan when growing up. While looking through my bitz box one of the characters in Conan surfaced in my head and I thought I should try out a conversion. Fafnir Hellhand or Demonhand was a tough basterd with an interesting backstory.

fafnir 1

Cheating death on numerous occasions, the one-armed bandit eventually ended up with the hand of a demon attached to his body, making him even harder to kill as it had ressurective abilities. The hand would also affect his personality and he would lose control over it from time to time.

fafnir 2

I really liked this character because despite being a tough fighter, he had a very sensitive human side as well. Compared to the invincible Conan he had some real depth to him.

fafnir 3

I thought it would suit my summoner warband to have a guy like this. A living proof of a failed experiment or summoning perhaps. True to the story of the original Fafnir where he started out as a thug in Shadizar and accidentally got stabbed by his companion (survived), I want to start him out at thug level and eventually upgrade him to barbarian.

fafnir 4

This picture represents my favourite interpretation of him. In this series he was also donning a heavy war club instead of the sword. Easier for me to convert and suits him better I think. A furry demon hand would also be more difficult to make. I had oversized orc hands readily available.

Here is the result (wrong hand, drats!):




This is not the greatest conversion in the world…this is just a tribute 😛

Body and head is chaos marauder. Arm is 5th edition orc. The hand is from a genestealer from space hulk! The club is made from parts from the marauder set. Fur cloak is greenstuff. I might do some touch ups or variation on the paint, but he is basically done. Can’t wait to see him die multiple times on the battlefield and then bring him back every time with the excuse: “…it’s Fafnir Hellhand”




Muzac for wargamers

Is wargaming better with music? I’m not sure. When I paint and craft, definitely. When I play, not always. Ambience is the key here, I believe, and my recommendations is based on that more than anything else. The focus you have when playing against someone can get disrupted with music in the background so sometimes it is best to play nothing at all. That being said, here are some favorites/recommendations I’d like to share.

bo hansson

Bo Hansson, a swedish composer I just recently discovered. He composed his first album inspired by the lord of the rings so obviously it will go well with a fantasy setting. Funny thing is that much of his work is familiar to me since he has been sampled by several hip hop artists.


Which brings us to this gem thats been with me from the beginning of my wargaming hobby days: Heavy Mental by Killah Priest. I suspect mr. Killah Priest is a wargamer himself as I’ve heard him refer to witch elves and warhammer in a track on…I believe it was the album the psychic world of walter reed. 


Weirdly, electric cafe/technopop worked really well during a game recently…not sure why.


There is a lot that can be said about Burzum as a person, but he nails ambience, He’s got that going for him.

This guy nails ambience too, Svarte greiner (black branches).


IAM- L’ecole du micro d’argent (school of the silver mic). French hip hop legends…nails it!


Swedish rapper Petter also nails it on his first album.


Oh, the hordes of Skaven I have painted with this playing in the background…


Jethro Tull…It doesn’t have to get weird if you don’t let it….or let it, if it feels right!


Speaking of Progrock…this absolutely needs to be on the list. Lame name, epic music.

Goblin warband

A sinister bunch has entered the race for magic treasure in Felstad. These greenskins appear to be quite ambitious…


Goblin shaman (witch class) Korky Brainbursta, his apprentice Shamrock and captain Grom the Fat.


Korky has a passion for making potions from mushrooms. He firmly believes that his artisanal taste sets his potions above all other potions and he simply despises mass produced potions. His secret is the use of various poisonous mushrooms from which he has developed several yeast strains that both elevates the taste and the effect of his potions to incomparable heights. The use of poison mushrooms can be quite risky, and good routines for testing is necessary in the final production phase. This is where Shamrock the apprentice comes in.


When not testing potions, Shamrock spends alot of time in the forest collecting mushrooms for Korky. He also eats his fair share of shrooms to make the searching more entertaining for himself and it was during one of these trips that he discovered a deep connection with animals. The shroom trips can last for days and when he finally emerges from the deep forest he is often accompanied by animals such as wolves.


Grom the Fat is a goblin the size of an orc and a threatening presence in Korky’s warband. He is a natural leader and has the air of an experienced commander about him. He always refers to himself in third person and is no longer called “the Fat” directly by the warband members as this has caused several dismissals of a permanent nature in the past. He prefers “yer immensity” or “O’ muscular one”. Little is known about his past, but he hates elves with a passion and when drunk often curses a certain “Griffon riding long eared prissypants” while gently stroking the blade of his axe “Elf-biter”.


Korky sending shamrock on a mushroom gathering mission.

Summoner warband

Here are the three top dogs in my recently started summoner warband.



Sabellicus the summoner. A pathological narcissist with grandiose delusions.


Ma Sabellicus, the apprentice. The wizards mother has taken upon herself to be the voice of reason when Sabellicus’ plans and self confidence begins to take off. She favors witchcraft, but appreciates the value of summoning a demon or two. Sabellicus secretly hopes that she will be devoured by a demon some day so that he may take on a real apprentice/slave.


Captain Kronos. A former demon hunter has been tasked by a secret union of redemptionists to act as a double agent. If Sabellicus one day manages to summon that demon whose-name-shall-remain-unspoken, Kronos must complete his ultimate mission and slay both Sabellicus and the demon.


Sabellicus has a pet dragon as his familiar. He dreams of the day when he can ride it into battle and lay waste to the world!


Ma Sabellicus has a cat familiar. It rarely bothers to show up.


Naturally, the dragon is terrified of the cat…



Treasure hunting is no joke! You either gets ate by wandering monsters or you gets deaded by other treasure hunters. Another way to go is falling/dropping/being pushed from heights. Getting to the treasure can be tough in this ruinous landscape and its even worse carrying it home. This considered, it wouldn’t be strange to see some crude, improvised scaffolding here and there.

Made from chopsticks, hotglue, thread and coffee stirrers. The bases are foamcore and cardboard.


Painted it up…


I wanted it to be modular and easy to store. With this I can easily add longer “bridges” and ladders. I hope to try it out with some other terrain soon.

It is not extremely steady, but I guess that adds some reality to it:) In retrospect I would add some washers to the bases to give it more weight.





Some pics

Nothing specific today, just a few random pics I haven’t had the chance to post yet:



Mr. Kane the captain striking epic pose in sunset.


Captain Maneater emerging from his slumber.


Gotrek the barbarian holding off zombies.


Baer, the infantryman trying to stay out of LOS.





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