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New adventurers

We finished the final scenario of burning light with success. Now that we are more familiar with the game, we started a new group of adventurers. This time with more of a background to them. We’ve always liked the witch hunters in the warhammer fantasy setting so this new group will be influenced by that. We decided that the skills and abilities should reflect their witch hunter background. This is limiting when it comes to their allround effectivity in battle, but it enhances the roleplay element of the game.


We decided that most of the spells, skills or abilities we chose should be related to fighting undead, and that we would try to play mostly scenarios that contains undead, werewolves, vampires (non existing in rosd so far) or similar. Witch hunter minis usually have pistols or muskets so we decided to try out the blackpowder rules from spellcaster magazine.


After creating our hunters and recruiting their respective companions we set out to try the Blood moon expansion. As you see in the pics, the terrain was very quickly improvised, but it worked out well in the game. Alot of the scenarios in the game contains very specific terrain such as 12″ diameter pond so that was thrown together with a plastic folder, some hotglue and paint. Next I want to make a more realistic one with pvc sheet.

The scenario was one of the most entertaining yet. We found some silver plated weapons which will fit well with the theme of the group. Looking forward to play with them and maybe think up some simple homemade scenarios fitting the witch hunter theme.




Darkroot (weirdwood)

Got three scenarios in from the burning light campaign of Rosd yesterday. Next time, we have no choice but to conduct the final search for the decanter. One of the scenarios includes a creature named Darkroot. It is a botanical creature with a main body and seeking vines. I had the perfect craft to use for this creature; the weirdwood. Previously crafted for frostgrave on a whim.

Made from airdrying clay, a tp roll and some wire, I consider this my best craft.

The heroes dispatched the incoming vines and headed for the main body.

The darkroot sends voiceless commands to its vines.

A massive blow by Korhil, with the assistance of a conjuror and a pug took care of the darkroot.

Next time we will take on the final scenario of this mission. So far it has been too easy. Hopefully future expansions will be better balanced for 2 player coop play.

War pugs!

I could not wait, I had to paint these asap.

Very pleased with how they turned out!

It would be cool to try out something like this in rosd:

Lord Krampus, a noble who refuses to do battle without his three trusty pugs. Tactically challenging as hounds have limitations in the game, but possible, and fun!

Berlin haul

Bases! One can never have enough.

Werewolves! From the Dracula’s America line. To be used in Rosd.

A ranger and a wardog.

A bar wench with ale! Very German!

War pugs! These are just the cutest!

Everything else on the paint list will be pushed down. These have the priority!

Necromunda terrain for my homie.

Some led lights from a euro shop.

Sharp eyes might have noticed a couple of new crafts. Its just two boxes with printed paper glued to them, but glue was used and therefore it is craft! Will be very useful on the table and for storage.


Urgh! Finally done with christmas and the brutal heathen celebration of it around these parts. The eating and drinking has taken its toll and in this regard it is appropriate to bring up a quote from the game I’m currently playing on my console: “The spirit is willing, but the flesh needs binding!”

The game is, of course, Vermintide 2 and the quote is from my so-far favourite character Victor Saltzpyre, the witch hunter. Its a pretty intense game and I can best describe it as  real time warhammer quest! You have four characters cooperating in slaying skaven and chaos by the thousands, collecting treasure and gaining experience.

 Aside from that I have purchased the blood moon expansion for Rangers of Shadow Deep. Without revealing too much it contains a scenario involving a werewolf mystery of sorts. For the scenario I need a manor house so I’m constantly thinking how I should proceed building it with playability and storage in mind. I will also look into some new minis for the scenario.

 Coincidentally (or not so coincidental) I will be heading to Berlin shortly for a romantic trip (to visit a game store of reknown: Battlefield Berlin!!)

Hope you all had a nice christmas and wish you a happy new hobby year to come!

Carlos the packmule

Nothing quite screams “adventure” like a well-kitted packmule. I received this bones miniature as a freebie from my go-to online miniature store

Meet Carlos, the packmule for our ranger squad.

He is not a playable character. There are no rules for packmules in the game. We will just keep him around as a trusty pet to appear on pictures now and then.

Rosd: Burning light

We are now both on level 5 and ready for the burning light mission. The goal is to find a holy decanter with healing properties and its hidden somewhere inside a huge ruined convent. One can choose between 3 points of entry. From the book:

We went into the gatehouse where three hanging bodies, a ghoul and a big ogre were waiting for us.

“Raaargh” said the ogre.

“Strenght in numbers!” Screamed the rangers.

Another ogre came laughing into the gatehouse. Some solid spellcasting by the conjuror took care of that one.

Elusivus investigates a clue. Surprise! Its a zombie.

The group kills off the last ghoul and we got a treasure and some xp.

Next we went to the ruined chapel.

Some suspicious looking rubble in the center and a bunch of ghouls surrounding it.

A ghoul snake comes out of the rubble!

Cedric the owl gives moral support to my rogue as he goes after a treasure.

The chest is trapped, but no match for a rogue!

The white lion investigates the rubble. A holy book!

The others have a discussion about how a ghoul snake is even possible.

The white lion checks another clue, sees a vision from the past of the decanter being used.

The only solid hint we got from this is that “something” is hidden in soft ground. We need to take this into consideration when we make the final search for the decanter.

Lots of action and great fun. There is a mechanic where clues lead to notes we have not read and its a really exciting and mysterious to see what it is!

Giant flies

The rosd bestiary contains several monsters I do not own. Sometimes I suspect that the author includes beasts that can be attained cheaply in halloween seasons such as the giant flies. I’ve proxied them with bats until now but it didn’t sit right with me so I went out and got some of them cheap flies!

Used pva glue to attach wire which i jabbed into them after sticking a hole in the underside of the flies.

Some simple foam bases with sand.

Stuck them in it.

Black paint mixed with modpodge, then grey drubrush and white drybrush.

Didn’t bother to paint the flies since I wanted to finish up before the game tomorrow. Hope they will look good on the table!


Finally got some minis painted! The heroquest zombies were a toe in the water, but now I’ve painted some minis I really wanted to paint, but were a bit ancious to because of a stint of dust on my paint hand so to speak.

Alrighty then, first the savage:

I love this mini. Its from the ghost archipelago line from northstar and I caused some trouble getting my go-to store ordering this. It brings me back to the conan-belit pirate period.

I’m really happy with the sweat stained shirt!

He came in the same box as this guy. Not a good sculpt, but he has some character.

Half samurai, half cro magnon.

Cedric! My new companion for rosd.

And then, finally…the awesomest piece of mini ever made…Brain in a jar!!!

Clear plastic…I love it!

Some wires on that…and clear plastic, man! I get the same feeling as back in the day when seeing obi wan star wars figure with CLOTH, or mossman from he-man with…moss! That was some retail crafting way back when. Just superb! I will try to integrate this into necromunda somehow, or die trying!

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