Heroquest battlemat


Decided to try out a homebrewed dungeon coop inspired game of frostgrave. Found a good use for that lovely hero quest board! Looks pretty nice!




Also used som whq tiles for another game.


It’s like a jungle sometimes…

I had a good run at crafting this weekend, partly inspired by some new crafting equipment that arrived and the imminent arrival of Ghost archipelago.


There has been a unison salivation by the crafters in the community over the textured rolling pins from greenstuff world. I ordered the cobblestone and brick textured ones and tried them out on foamcore and airdrying clay. I must say they live up to the hype so far. The bases came out nice and I look forward to painting them. I followed this video by Luke from Lukes Aps when making the bases. The pva really makes the clay easier to work with so that is a great tip!


I also got some blue stuff and tried to duplicate a barrel, but I am not happy with the result. This requires some practice, and perhaps clay is not the best stuff to try and duplicate with as the bluestuff is intended for milliput and greenstuff. I still think it could look ok when painted. I freehanded the bag with the leftover clay.


I also crafted some scatter terrain. 3 palm trees, another beach tile and a jungle foliage piece.




The queen of crabs…


…erhm, yes. Thats the working title anyways:) I believe GA has killer crabs in its bestiary based on the GMG battle reports. I do not have crabs…but my gaming buddy has the next best thing: ¬†daemonettes of slaanesh! I remembered some of them have crab claws so I humbly asked him to donate one to the cause.


My GA set so far


Just to sum up, here is my Ghost Archipelago set so far:

two boats

two large pier tiles

three palm trees

two crates

one “bell”

A rope

A fishnet stand

Two walkway connectors

A beach tile

A copplestone elevation box/storage box

A blue cloth

Apart from the blue cloth, everything is in that box.


Coconuts added to the palms


I’m not happy with the painting on the beach/island tile, but will wait and see how it looks on the table. I’m struggling between keeping it as generic as possible and adding more detail to make it look cooler at first glance. The plan was the former, and then add details in the form of scatter terrain, but it is hard to leave a piece looking that underwhelming on its own.

I’ve started painting some miniatures again so I will wait making more terrain until GA arrives in october!

Palm trees!


Any tropical setting should have palm trees…there is simply no way around it. I’ve been looking at videos about how to craft them for my upcoming Ghost archipelago games, but most of what I’ve seen has been too much work and cost for just “meh” results. The other day I went to a flea market and came home with these babies, plastic roses:


“Roses? For me?” she said with excitement as I threw them down on my neatly organized craft desk. “Ha, think again!” I said triumphantly ” these are for my crafting!”….


I split the stems to appropriate lenght, based them with some wire.


Black basecoat.


Cut the leaves like so.


Paint the stem with brown and highlight it. Hotglue the leaves to the top. Gravel to the base (adds weight) to be painted in beach colour!


I’ll add some coconuts and paint to the base and take another pic once I’ve finished more of them. Easy peasy! Could not be happier with this simple cheat craft!


Aye, aye!

I’m on a roll! This weekend I’ve been crafting quite a bit of stuff for the upcoming Ghost Archipelago. The game is not out yet, but I know there will be water and I know there will be boats. Armed with glue, scissors, cardstock, cardboard and a shitload of coffee stirrers I crafted some stuff that I thought would fit naturally into the nautical setting.


A crate, a rope and a hanging fish net.


…testing out different set ups. I need more pier!


Crates make lovely scatter terrain in Frostgrave too.


Two boats that can fit at least 6 minis, and another crate. I guesstimated the crap out of these! My inspiration was this video by DM scotty.


A simple paintjob and they are basically ready to go. I might add a sail or some oars and a rudder, or just keep em like this. I have a feeling that less is more for these…



Yeees, I’m crafting again. Maintaining a tidy desk and crafting is not possible for me due to my unorganized nature. That means if I first break out the tools and materials, they will remain out in a heap for easy access when the mood strikes. I had packed it up before vacation and breaking it out again was a bit of a hurdle for me. But now its out and the inspiration is flowing free, much to my SO’s despair!


First project, a pier/dock/plateau (lets call it pdp). I will be getting the Ghost Archipelago when its out and I’d like to have some nautical/jungle themed terrain for that. I wanted a modular terrain piece that is easy to store and use for lots of things.


The base is the lid of a shoebox that by flipping it over can also be used to store the pdp and other small bits or walkways. I made a foamcore stamp to make the pattern, which I am not happy with at all, but it will do for now. Next time I will round off the shape of the stamp to get a cleaner look. My plan is to make more of these for easy storage and to be able to add height dimensions to by board. I’m always thinking of practical solutions for terrain now which can be a bit limiting.


The pdp is a piece of cardboard from the bottom of the shoebox to get the same size as the base with a ton of coffe stirrers glued to it in a 2 piece-3 piece pattern. Paintjob is simple, three- tones of brown and some highlights focused on the wood joints. Highlights are a bit on the bright side when I look at the pictures now, but I’ll have to see once its proper dry and with other terrain pieces on it if I need to wash it or something. Cutting the coffee stirrers were time consuming, but other than that its a very simple craft that I can use as a base for lots of indoor/semi outdoor/outdoor terrain. I will set it up and snap a pic or two once I’ve made more pieces like crates and such.

Get the Sword!


Rescue the prince! was the name of the scenario we played yesterday. A barbarian wizard is trying to summon a demon by sacrificing a prince while being protected by 4 chilopendras creating a magic field that can only be broken if one of them is killed.

The rewards are 350 gold reward/ransom if you rescue the prince and/or a magic demon slaying sword (+2 fight against demons), the sword of feasting, that can give a bonus to out of game summoning. This is carried by the barbarian wizard.

In addition to him and 4 chilopendras, there are two barbarian berserkers starting on the board, and every turn another bararian turns up from a random board edge. When resistance is this strong it tends to become more of a co-op game as we are too busy concentrating on not getting eaten by neutral creatures. There is a kind of unspoken agreement that we do not take cheap shots at eachother…up to a point.


Looking a bit like a spaceship from this angle…


Look at these well behaved goblins forming a line and everything!

It started off nice and civil. We both advanced on the altar in the center of the board, my captain, ranger and marksman fired off shots at the chilopendras in order to break the circle. My opponent sends most of his tanks up the ramp to face the demons while I did the same on my side. Both barbarians move towards my side and another shows up in the same area. The goblin witch then decided to cast scatter shot, affecting the chilopendras and my men. One of the chilopendras was severely wounded by my firing squad so it succumbed to the spell and the circle was broken. This is where the chaos started, and all honorable intentions took a 180.


Captain Kronos getting ready for the jump…

My captain was in a good position for a spectacular round. He leaped from the bridge, down to the altar, used the remaining movement to get into contact with the wizard and then proceeded with his second action to crit him with a well placed thrust! It was like something from a robin hood movie. The wizard dropped his sword, but inside the circle there were now a large gathering of both goblins and neutral creatures. The professor had early on stated that he had no interest in the sword, but his actions revealed this as a filthy lie! As I had moved up my men (templar, demon, captain and monk) on the altar he proceeded throwing 4 (!) explosive cocktails at them in succession! Miraculously, they survived the inferno, but had taken some damage….


When the smoke cleared a melee ensued. The goblins attacked the chilopendras on their side and killed both. My monk kicked the last chilopendra off the altar (it survived). In the following rounds he used his bladed staff and managed to fight off a summoned zombie and a goblin treasure hunter by pushing him away from the sword, allowing my captain to grab and leg it.



All the while, new barbarians are arriving at the table, messing up all the tactics. The goblin witch and apprentice was able to keep them off his tail by using fog and I used summon demon and leap. I now had two minor demons on the table, both with a major demonic attribute: invisible and serendipitous (+1 to all rolls). The barbarians were giving my men a hard time. The chilopendra who was kicked off the altar also decided to move around to my side and start whacking at my serendipitous demon in tandem with a berserker, that didn’t last long. Earlier I had said that I wouldn’t stop the professor if he wanted to pick up the prince, but that changed when he tried to kill me so my invisible demon would now stick with the prince counter stopping the goblins from picking it up. This was frustrating for the professor for the only way he could kill the demon was if he used scatter shot or I made it visible by picking up the treasure or attacking someone. He could only move it with telekinesis and my demon would follow it.


“U throw the boomjuice dere an I’ll throw mine over dere! Den we jump!”

As most of my warband was busy fighting barbarians I used my monk to try and draw some of them towards the professor’s side. If he was going to get that price token, I would not make it easy for him. The chilopendra and barbarian charged and took out the monk and then proceeded to move towards the prince. The professor had to put up barriers in form of soldiers and fog to stop the advancing.


“Hold on! I’ll try the bow first!”

This is dragging out a bit now, but after a long game (3-4 hrs?) we were at the end. Most of the soldiers were dead or had left the table with treasure, but the barbarians kept on coming. The goblin captain barely escaped with the prince and could claim the ransom of 350 G. My captain left with the sword and we both got two treasures each.

We both had six men out of action. I lost two fighters, templar and man at arms and two were badly wounded. The professor lost one assassin, and one was badly wounded. Both our wizards increased 4 levels, but overall the goblins had scored the highest xp and got alot of gold, He also managed to advance to beastcrafter lvl 3 and grow some wings. I’m still happy since I got the sword and a true name (will have to look that up)! It is not a game changer, but I think I want to equip my captain with it as it suits his undercover demon hunter narrative, but am not sure if this gives the summoning bonus to the wizard out of game.

A long but epic game!

Barbarian invasion!


Just had a fantastic game from the Frostgrave: forgotten pacts expansion. 6 barbarians are placed  at the start next to a treasure token each. Whenever one of them are killed, two new enter the board!


Suspecting we would quickly run out of barbarian minis I dug out these two old friends as well.

There were many epic moments such as this one:


The barbarian evaded the effect of my horn of destruction (crumble). I leaped Fafnir the treasure hunter up there so he could possibly win the combat and push the barbarian down the manhole. The plan backfired and Fafnir was pushed to his death instead.


Epic bridge duel between Shamrock the apprentice and a barbarian. Shamrock was eventually crushed to death!


Then there was a massive slugfest between my imps, javelineer and man at arms and three barbarians. The combat lasted for a while, but eventually my minions were defeated.



The barbarians swarmed this ruin where my marksman had actually teamed up with my opponents barbarian. They fought back to back for a while…


In tandem with my marksman, the goblin barbarian slayed three or four berserkers, but eventually they were wiped out.

I lost all my guys save for the apprentice that managed to get out with a treasure. My opponent fared better with three treasures, but also many casualties. Not a single blow fell between the warbands as they were too busy fighting the berserkers. The professor lost his apprentice, shamrock, and I lost my halfling ranger who has had an amazing track record so far with a number of epic kills. Including this time as he jumped a three inch gap and fired a critical arrow at a berserker upon landing. RIP!






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