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Just wanted to share some pics from the games we had recently. One was the “stone circle” and the other was “the erithrean graveyard”. I do not have any elephant humanoid yag kosha type miniatures so a minotaur and an ogre had to play the part of those.


Yag Kosha feeling emo…



Brave crewman managed to hold the minotaur off before eaten.


Two trolls appearing behind my opponent’s line. His little hobbit warden started sweating a bit at this point.


Set up like this, Stone circle was a blast! Lots of fighting on the hill and jumping into boats with treasure.

I must say, having played most of the scenarios now- Ghost Archipelago is a “better” game than Frostgrave imo. If you are on the fence I would recommend GA. Getting both is also good:)




Swamp run


So this artwork right here is from the ghost archipelago book by Dmitri and Kate Burmak and its extremely evocative! I instantly wanted to play a scenario with this happening. The book contains one where this could happen but it is for two players. I tried to make a solo scenario for this as the professor is out travelling the realm. It is the first time I tried a solo game so a new experience for me! Here are the homemade rules for swamp race. Notice the amazingly detailed map. Spent hours on it…


Set it up like so on my small living room table as I didn’t want to bother with the 3×3 gaming board. The goal is to get out via the island on the far top right with the treasure which is placed in three spots in the “canal”. Each creature phase a swamp zombie turns up from a random board edge. In addition 1-3 zombies appear when I pick up a treasure.


First treasure two swamp zombies show up. A dice roll determines which side of the boat they grab on to.


Archers are really a must in this scenario.


We soldier on to the next treasure…


A zombie boards but the heritor smashes it to a bloody pulp.


One of my crewmen is dragged into the water, never to be seen again…


We finally arrive at the exit point, zombies closing in.


My heritor has to smash a few more skulls, but the remaining crew manages to exit.

It was a pretty balanced game. I’m still a bit shaky about the boat fighting rules, but it felt like the situation in the artwork at times and I totally see this as a possible versus scenario as well. The warden mostly had to use healing on the heritor, who really got to scrap it out with the zombies. I think he killed six of them!




Game 4


My warband for Ghost archipelago at this point:

On the left we have the specialists, man at arms, scout, and two archers. The white haired elf is a wind warden, and the orange crested dwarf is my heritor. Then you have the crewmen with various weapon combinations.


We are really enjoying the deep water rules. A setup like this makes for a nice change in how to approach the game. “The floor is lava”


My heritor and two of his crew ended up in this cramped “king of the hill” situation when trying to secure a treasure. The trollslayer with the head is my opponents heritor.


Boats are really useful in this game.


My archer holds off a crewman.

Great game, not too many casualties. I got the central treasure and two normal treasures. My opponent was able to travel to the mainland and recruit more specialists and buy a kennel for his ship. I think the next game will be a tough one for me…





Painted up the miniatures that came with the ghost archipelago nickstarter. I like the sculpts because they are quite simple. I enjoy painting simpler miniatures because mentally there is less fear of messing up.

I don’t think it was intentional, but the funny thing about these is that they look as they have just been woken up from a nap and have to go fight something.


….”just five more minutes, mom!”


…”uh, whats happening?”


“I’m too old for this shit.”


Bonus: a goblin by kev adams.

On a sidenote, I realize by looking at these paintjobs close up that I might need a better light source when painting. They look decent on the table, in the dusk dark, when squinting 😛

Second trip to the archipelago


…technically it is still the same trip as we have yet to travel back to the mainland between games. We played the first scenario “x marks the spot”. The x is represented by a sake bottle I picked up from one of my trips to the far east and I think it suits the jungle theme very well.



The central treasure fit snuggly into the top or rather the bottom of the sake cup.


The tower got used alot, by me anyway. My opponent was not convinced as he felt he «could not control the dice» which is kind of the main point with a dice tower if you ask me…

The game was a bloody tie. We both fought hard for the central treasure, I almost had it when he stalked my remaining man at arms with a goat and a crewman which managed to tear it away from me, killing the soldier. The last bitter laugh was mine however, as I blasted his crewman to pieces with lightning before my warden left the table with his final action. The only creature left was the goat and we all know those can’t carry treasure! Right? Ha!

Dice tower pt 3


Finished the tower today!


Its base is not attached so I can use it as a tile.


When I was happy with the shape, blackbomb!


Grey drybrush.


Lighter grey brushed on. Added brown and green details for a more natural look.


Details on the top.

Hope the dice gods are pleased. May the dice roll in my favor!

Video added as demanded of mr Hobgoblin orange:



First game ghost archipelago


No battle report today, but we had our first game to try out the rules. As all first games there was a lot of rules checking and hesitating even if we have a good grip on the Frostgrave rules by now. First impressions are that more is accounted for rules-wise, there is more terrain variety with boats and water, monsters show up more often, treasure is more scarse and wizardry is downplayed. We both got to use boats during the scenario and it was real fun! My opponent secured three treasures including the central one and I got two. I’m collecting questions to blast Joe M with in the forum when the time is right!


My heritor and his crew advances on the central treasure.


Filthy goblins!


Dice tower part 2


Added some more foamcore, covered the whole thing with toilet paper and dabbed on pva and water mix. Needs at least one more layer I think…at this point I’m not sure if it will turn out to shite or glory!


Dice tower pt 1


I’ve been wanting to try my hands on a dice tower for some time now. While not strictly necessary, I like the concept of terrain with additional functions and it looks fun! Also, it might obstruct any secret ninja dice throwing skills my opponent have developed since he has way more luck than me when rolling.

So this project also gives me the opportunity to try out a few things. First off, the blue stuff I invested in recently. I tried with airdrying clay with poor result for some barrels. I now found out this was mostly because of my impatience. Use the clay mixed with some pva, LET IT STAY OVERNIGHT, and the result is much better!


You can see it is not as crisp as the original, but decent enough for terrain pieces! I think it will look smashing when painted. It is not as sturdy as greenstuff or milliput either so I added a coat of pva and water. Depending on the piece I would consider adding some armature.

I mainly followed this video from the dungeons & coffee youtube channel for the interior functionality with coffee stirrers, ramp and trapdoor.

In the next part I will try another technique I’ve been wanting to use for a while…


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