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Round 6: Stand off

Oh…lawdielawdielawd! That was an intense 5 hour standoff. Let me start with the result: a bitter loss for me. 4 in recovery including leader+2 who has to see the doc so we don’t know yet what will happen to those. A small comfort is that he was slightly worse off than that with 1 permadeath and at least as many with injuries as mine.

I had him on the heels for the first 3,5 hrs, but then I started getting bold with my leader, leaving him out in the open and he was taken out with a shotgun salvo to the face. Also, I had two rounds where I rolled a ridiculous amount of 1s, which never helps. Those were the two main points I can deduce as reason for my defeat. NEVER entertain the creeping notion that the opponent had superior tactics.

The professor has spent hours crafting a centrepiece for our table.

Not only does it look great, it is also very playable.

We placed it dead centre for this game.

I started on the left, he on the right hand side.

After deployment I used infiltrate on my champ, shooty and placed him in the tower.

I also played ghostly tactic on him so he would be even harder to hit. It was the optimal position for his long rifle.

We spent one turn creeping up.

My leader moved all the way up to the centre. Would this be the day when he could finally use his shock stave?

Champ Stabby comes in on the flank where the orlock leader and his dudes are positioning. From this point carnage ensued…

Blam! Blam! Brrrapp! Braaappp!! Pew pew pew!

Aaaargh! Aiiieeeee! Brrrapp!

Choooom! Aaaaaahh! Pew!

Blam! Screeeam!

Blam! Eeeeeek! Pewpew!

………that was the best description I could master of what happened in the following rounds.

Stabby stabs a dude. Coup de grace!

…Gets annihilated shortly thereafter by the orlock leader and his robot arm.

And then…the moment of truth. Lord snik charges the troublesome heavy stubber-suspensors-grappling hook wielding champ named El-ingeniero and smacks him like a pinata until OOA.

It felt good, but this was also my downfall as described in the intro.

It was an epic fight, lots of shooting and close combat. This was the last game before summer and we will now have the so-called downtime period.

Thanks for stopping by. Laters!


Van saar

Just a short notification that I have started assembling the van saar gang!

Cool sculpts!

Not sure I will be able to play them myself as we have a long lost gaming buddy returning to us. Hopefully we will be able to lure him in with a completed van saar gang which were his favourites 20+ years ago:)

Round 5: Rescue!

Lord Snik and his latest pet, Mr. Skullsy, the sensor skull.

It was time for the Orlocks to get their ganger back, but the Delaque were not too eager to let them as they were in desperate need of credits after their leader had bought himself a new status item. The sensor skull could come in handy though (what he really wanted was a gun skull, but he had to show some team spirit).

I decided to put the ganger dead center with sentries not too far away.

Pictures are not so good, but here is the field for this mission.

Snik n skull strolling about. Round 1 and 2, nothing was spotted and in round 3 the captive cut his restraints and started his escape.

He climbed down and got in cover on the lower level (Nice work Lord Snik and Mr. Skullsy). His teammates saw this and started to slowly back down. Chances were high no confrontation would occur this time.

The Orlock heavy is a beast with suspensors, heavy stubber, grappling hook and photo goggles so I was relieved when he started leaving.

One of the sentries, Ace, got down to the ground level to check out some strange noises. Alarm had not gone off yet and we were in round 4. Will he be able to spot something?!

A stroke of luck! Ace was randomly picked as sentry again and I won the roll off meaning I could move him into position to see the runaway ganger.

Ace is equipped with a web gauntlet and I did not want to miss a chance to use it for the first time. He charged in, webbed the ganger and proceeded to coup de grace him.

This was the end as the Orlock had all sneaked off the table. A win!

I hoped the ganger would be captured again, but alas, he managed to crawl away humiliated (lasting injury roll), which was very appropriate.

It was a quick game, maybe just 30 min and not a single gunshot fell.

I gained nothing from this scenario. There is no awards aside from the usual xp….not even reputation. I will not accept a rescue challenge again, but rather sell the captive back right off the bat unless my opponent insists or is very low on cash.

The post battle gave me a free juve from my only income territory though!

Meet Lil’ Snek! Double stub gun and a free Flak armour from the stash! I also got another status item for my leader; Uphive raiments! Now he can earn some more credits just by looking fly! ….Aaaaand I’m broke. I also forgot to mention he now has the Overwatch skill.


Hello there!

This is my leader’s new pet! A servo-skull! Listed under “status items” in the rulebook are three types of servo-skulls; sensor, medi and gun-skull. I have not decided which to get yet. I kitbashed this from escher and chaos marauder sprue. The skull is from a banner. There is also a paper clip in there for support. I think it will look awesome with the Delaque leader!

I wish these were a thing IRL. 10/10 would buy.

Edit: some wip pics!

Round 4: Looters

Oh lordy…last evenings battle was so intense that I almost forgot to take pics.

I was the challenger and chose the Looters scenario. The goal is to get loot crates and run away. This turned out to be difficult, and it was 4-5 hrs of complete mayhem!

My new ganger Sebille managed to get a crate out.

My champion was held down by an orlock with firestorm ammo. I feel it is worth mentioning that my opponent had forgot to pay for this particular ammo. It is rare and not included with the combat shotgun. Well, one should keep a buffer for mistakes as they are bound to happen with this kafka ruleset.

These two orlock heavies were unstoppable.

Gravy got a crate and he killed two including the enemy leader in the first round! Shares mvp position with Pewpew who also took out two gangers:

The orlock now has 4 in recovery plus one of them were captured my me. I have two in recovery. I got some loot, a territory and some reputation. Next up will be a rescue mission!


Orlock 2

Delaque 2

Round 3: sabotage

Another game yesterday.

The scenario was chosen by the Orlocks who decided to go for a sabotage. My gang now has a name; Sneakysnik! One of my champs, Shooty (Longrifle user) was in recovery and would sit this one out.

Slugger performed well, but is in recovery for the next game.

Uncharacteristically, the Delaque would play the role of defender this time. 5 gangers were sentries and I had Lord Snik (leader) and champ Stabby (dual stiletto) come in as reinforcements.

The sentries performed poorly and not a single orlock was spotted until they had gotten into advantageous positions and started shooting!

My first action was to throw a smoke grenade on the thingy we were protecting. As the orlock had not invested in any photo goggles, the thingy would be practically indestructible.

It did not stop them from punishing my poor Delaque. One by one they fell. I got in a few licks by my arriving champ and leader.

Eventually I bottled out. This meant my opponent got a new territory, credits and reputation. The only relief was that he did not get xp for destroying the thingy which was shrouded in smoke for the durarion. This is the last time I can use that tactic as he has now invested in goggles!

Moments after this, Pewpew and Lazyboy fell under a hail of heavy stubber fire!

Ace was the MVP of the Delaque, successfully protecting the thingy with smoke!


Orlock: 2

Delaque: 1

Contrast paints

Interesting! I feel like I want to try some of these. What do y’all think?

Not that its showing, but on the Delaques I’ve been experimenting with thinner paints, more layers. Would this be a useful supplemental tool or stand on its own, I wonder.

I could certainly see its use for making subtle transitions on black or white for instance.

Champs done!

double stilettos and autogun.

I just followed GW’s color choice on these. Not the exact same, but similar. I mix colors when highlighting.

Long rifle. Very long range, but weak damage. Pretty underpowered weapon imo. But, its cool to have such a character nontheless.

I hope these two will wreak havoc upon the filthy Orlock!

Dominion campaign Round 2

The dominion campaign continues!

Yesterday we played our second game, fighting over the settlement territory. Last time we played, the Orlocks had the day and won a new territory. This time the Delaque won and we are basically even steven in terms of territory and reputation. The scenario was border dispute and the Orlock leader had a heated argument with one of my Delaque champions on the borderline.

This ganger was in a good position and managed to take out the Orlock leader with a triple spray of his autogun.

The Orlocks had control of a high tower and rained terror upon the Delaque.

The “harpoon dude” was on the flank. No unwieldy trait makes this a very dangerous weapon!

With his use of smoke, this ganger was the man of the hour. Several investments into smoke grenades were made after this game.

Sneaking….skulking….hiding. Only my leader is painted in black. The others in dark brown coats.

This ganger was able to fire his hand flamer at harpoon dude. It did not wound so the dude was able to get up immediately with nerves of steel skill. He then repaid the favour with a harpoon pierce & drag.

Luckily, hand flamer guy was able to get up from pinning and move into some sweet smoke to hide. At this point both teams had bottled and fighters were fleeing the battlefield. Delaque leader was in a good position to support his crew, but as the Orlocks had lost theirs, they were in a bad position.

This was the last man standing on the Orlock side. He deliberated whether to charge, but decided to voluntarily flee.

The lighting is not the best for pics in the gaming den, but here are my Delaques. I have still to complete my two champs, but they are close.

The release of the new books has improved Necromunda greatly for us. I recommend all to get these even if it is frustrating having spent money on the gang war catastrophy. Move on and do not dwell, life is too short. The game is now how it should have been upon original release.

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