These guys are just itching to get going with some Rangers of Shadow Deep! “Lleeet uusss ouuut! We aaare booored!”

Following the teasers with massive interest:)


Autumn tingle

Pheew! That was a long summer! As the weather is now slowly getting back to normal, I’m starting to feel that autumn tingle. I’ve gradually started to visit the usual blogs and hobby sites and am now starting to look forward to a dark, cold and creative winter!

The bestest news came today as the creator of Frostgrave posted this

Rangers of Shadow Deep, a solo/coop rpg tabletop mini game based on Frostgrave rules….how awesome is that? As much as I’ve been enjoying pvp through Frostgrave and Necromunda, I’m a warhammer quester at heart. I really don’t want to buy another huge game with tons of minis…or…I want to buy all of them, but there is simply no space left in my keep. A carefully smuggled mini here and there, no problem. 70+ minis at once=not a happy home. Really glad I waited for this.

The artwork looks great and I have a feeling Mr. Mccullough is going to deliver something awesome here!

Another thing that peaked my interest is this post from Sebastian over at eastern empire. Warhammer quest in the 40k universe? Yes please. I love the initiative, but I’m not sure about the silver tower direction. I will pay close attention to it either way.

Looking forward to get into it again!






Cycle 6 game 2

Yup, thats my leader’s 4 attack rolls- no facking hits!

Despite alot of these rolls the day was mine. We played the looters scenario and my opponent decided to bottle out in the end.

This game had much close combat in it for a change. At one point there were three melees going on at once.

That dude just fell down two stories after being shot!

One of my gangers died, coincidentally the one I havent finished painting yet.

Next game will be the final showdown of this string of cycles. Then we will have a cooldown period where we make terrain and paint two new gangs.

The professor has made some terrain and it is simply awesome!

He used the rolling pin from greenstuff world on some thin blue foam, attached it to cardboard of approx 1,5 mm thickness and voila!

The possibilities!

A fortress!

We are now starting to get the terrain we want!

Cycle 6 game 1

Almost all the escher painted save for one. I do not have a name for the gang yet…

The goliath are also almost done. A chaos cultist takes the part of a juve on the right there. Fewer members of this crew but they have impressive weaponry.

I forgot to take pictures during the game so we set up some post battle photos.

The game itself was an ambush that I chose so I was the attacker. I managed to take out a couple of his. He took out a couple of mine. Eventually he bottled, but he also managed to get three out of the board right after so I think thats a win for the goliath? My chemthrower wielder got a serious injury so needed to see the doc. The cynic in me took over so poor “Gazzy” was left for dead and a new ganger was hired in her place.

Scarlett Bonanza

Long time, no post! I’ve been busy-not in real life, mind you, but with a game called monster hunter world on ps4. As I feared when acquired the console, the hobby has taken a temporary backseat position. But I also know that this usually goes in waves in my case.

So, my leader is finished and I’ve got half a ganger left to paint. Meet Scarlett Bonanza:

At first I thought of an indiana jones theme, but the leader should stick out more than brown and beige would allow so I went in hard on the reds.

The coat is a bit reminiscent of dr. Indy’s leather jacket, but the similarities stop there.

Not super happy with the combi bolter, but maybe I’ll touch it up later. She needs to be ready for tonights game. The whip with a bit of osl was a new thing for me. I did not dare to paint osl on the mini, but put some on the base as you can see in the first pic. My girls need a win tonight so hopefully scarlett bonanza will own it with her new look!

Cycle 5, game 1 and 2

Managed to squeeze in a couple of games in one night this weekend. The Goliath have less gang rating than the Escher so my opponent was able to choose both scenarios. He first went for an ambush. I tried to place them so that all sides were covered, but there were some blind spots so he managed to get pretty close and take out a juve with his leader.

It was pretty rough for me as he had the drop, but I got two of mine off of the board and took out one one of his. He took out 3 or 4 of mine and two were down when I eventually bottled. No very serious injuries for mine, but his casualty died when I rolled 66 on the injury chart. I lost some reputation, and he gained some.

Next, he bought a new ganger and a juve and chose the standoff scenario, the simplest one. We placed the buidlings in the center and deployed in the corners to make it interesting.

Greyfox has a grapple hook so she can move to high positions quickly. She pinned a few but rolling a 5 to wound is pretty hard. I don’t think I wounded a single goliath this game. I miss the hotshot pack from the old edition to boost the strenght of the lasgun…

Another one bites the dust…one of my lasgunners were taken out from afar with a grenade launcher.

I chose to bottle eventually as only my leader and a champion remained. The dice was not with me this time.

Many of mine were taken out, but no serious injuries. A comment on Goliath weapons: The grenade launcher is very scary, and the combat shotgun is very strong. I need higher strenght weapons against him. He can easily wound mine and the armour is next to useless against his weapons. Lost some more rep, below 5 now while he has 12! The tables have turned and now I have less resources.

We will be crafting more terrain from now on as we are waiting for new gangs to come out. We have the Orlock pack unassembled and Van Saar is around the corner! I am halfway painting my leader and one final ganger and then the gang is done!



A couple of my enemies painted by my arch-enemy posing for the camera.

Not sure what all those strange weapons are called, but they sure bite.

Pretty sure GW has been inspired by fist of the north star:

Cycle 4 game 2

The ninja Goliath strikes again!

The game last night was a rescue mission. The Goliath needed to save one of their captured members as they cannot afford to lose more of them.


The prisoner was placed in the centre, guarded by my chemthrower.

I got a full amount of sentries (7). Leader and champion (greyfox) were the reinforcements. My other champ was in recovery. I usually choose a placement where a select few guard the center and the other centries patrol in a loose circle around the center. Preferrably from one level up.


The Goliath chose to come in from the same edge.


Shotgun Polly is more occupied by her empty stomach than sentry duty.

So with the new rules (if we play them correctly) sentries are picked at random. This means not all sentries get to activate. Especially if the opposing team is fewer as my final sentry is activated after the final enemy has activated. Also there is no guarantee that the closest sentries are activated so it is possible to sneak away even if a sentry is standing right in front of you. This makes it highly viable to try and sneak out even if it looks near impossible.

The captive managed to free himself in the second turn (rolled a double 6) and then proceeded to tip toe towards his comrades.


After this my juve managed to be activated so I moved her in position to see the captive and the alarm was raised. I don’t get to activate my other sentries before next turn though so the Goliath had some time to remedy this. The juve got to shoot once at the captive, but missed. Next turn was mina and I moved my chemthrower up, but she failed to wound. Then my leader came in as a reinforcement and popped off a shot- missed and was pinned later on. Greyfox the champ came in, but I failed the roll of and my opponent placed her on the far side of the field. Even with sprint skill she was not able to catch up.

The Goliath managed to take out my juve and leader (both out cold so no biggie) and also shoot down one of my sentries (recovered). They were then able to get out of the board with little resistance. I lost one reputation (now I have 6) and my opponent gained 4 (now he has 9). He got an xtra xp for his escape and also for his leader (who did not take part). He has had great success with the sneak attack scenarios so my escher are convinced they are not really goliaths, but actually Delaque on steroids.


Found out that my Rioja buildings can be set up like this. If they had the same color they would look like a building split on the middle.


Rioja city 2

Another wine box…erm…building done. Trying not to go overboard with the posters. Its so fun slapping those on the piece, but as with much else in life; if its simple, quick and looks good- probably a good idea to hold back a bit!

Here’s how I do it. Nothing to it.

Google “poster warhammer” or similar. Print and cut.

Crumble and straighten 3-4 times so you get that sweet cloth like texture going by breaking the fibres.

Rip up if you want. Use glue stick and attach to piece.

Thats where Joey goes to chill in the hive.

Imperial guard gets no love down here.

You can also add some weathering with agrax shade.

Goliath been trying to write some obscenities, getting it all wrong as usual.

Its a simple build, but quite time consuming. Might make one more, but my final two eschers are calling for paint!

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